A warm welcome to all our new members of the EACMG group and I do hope you will find many topics of interest to your own professional skills or just a general curiosity and joy following other members and their experiences in the various cultural fields.


………and we might be forced to change habits in the near future ……..

II will take the opportunity to remind all group members of the Event Tour 2010 -Berlin ¤ Munich ¤ Vienna ¤ Cologne :

BERLIN 14. – 16. March 2010 – Location PULLMAN BERLIN SCHWEIZERHOF Event Arrangers, Singers, Musicians, Artists and Cultural interested persons in general are invited to a small reception in the hotel the 15th March 2010 19.00 – 21.00 hrs.

MÜNICH 16. – 18. March 2010 – Location HOLIDAY INN MÜNICH CITY CENTRE Event Arrangers, Singers, Musicians, Artists and Cultural interested persons in general are invited to a small reception in the hotel the 17th March 2010 19.00 – 21.00 hrs.

VIENNA 18. – 22. March 2010 – Location MERCURE JOSEFSHOF WIEN Event Arrangers, Singers, Musicians, Artists and Cultural interested persons in general are invited to a small reception in the hotel the 19th March 2010 19.00 – 21.00 hrs.

KÖLN 22. – 25 March 2010 – Location PULLMAN HOTEL COLOGNE Event Arrangers, Singers, Musicians, Artists and Cultural interested persons in general are invited to a small reception in the hotel the 23rd March 2010 19.00 – 21.00 hrs.


• Presentation and information about the present situation for the various cultural areas in Europe based upon statistic materials from The European Commission.

• A review of the financial issues and influences on the present values in different artist groups.

• A brief reading in historical aspects of conditions attached to the fields of art and music.

• A new world order and new areas of visionary cultures to be implemented during the coming years.

• Changes in old traditions of events, exhibitions, concerts and festivals.

• Future possibilities and visions for professionals working in the cultural fields.

• The need for charity arrangements now and in the future.

• Financial issues and other solutions to organize bigger arrangements worldwide.




Anyone interested to entertain in a short one-act-play will be more than welcome – Music accompaniment possible upon consulting the undersigned.  Water, drinks, coffee and cookies will be available during the entire arrangement and you will find the areas in each hotel on the agenda under SONATA EVENT.

If you would like to attend please click here and sign in:…


The conditions for many galleries are quite different to previous gold days and the selling seems to drop down in all aspects nearly wherever you turn your eyes. The previous gallery owners I have spoken to could not afford the huge amounts of rent, electricity, PR and announcements anymore plus of course salaries to be paid the staff, why the key was turned as a consequence of a very low income if any.

The alternative will in many cases be either to stop own productions or a start as gallery owner including the risks that might follow. Recently I happen to see a group of artists exhibiting without a gallery behind in financial terms and the outcome will be seen when the exhibition period is finished.

Well, it might be workable for a period, but as one of the artists told me they already had a lot of difficulties to sort out – who should be on watch, clean the toilets, vacuum and many other financial issues.


The overall status for artists, musicians, actors, singers and others working in the fields of culture is still a slow fox in many areas, but also a time for new and may be better ways to arrange and promote events, exhibitions and concerts throughout the European countries.

During the tour to Berlin ¤ Munich ¤ Vienna ¤ Cologne I will take some of my own proposals with me as well as the possibilities for a co-operation with EU, bigger private companies and other public institutions and organizations. We can do a lot by own means, but together a lot more and the prospects for future projects and living areas will be much more orientated to group works that ever. It is needless to say of course, that such implementations can take some time until the fruit will fall down from the efforts made in work and establishments.

I`m looking forward to seeing all those attending these social events so far established and hopefully in a good spirit that gives and takes in all aspects of communication and facts to be realized at a later stage.

All the best from – Kurt Lykke Lindved

This newsletter has been written by moderator Kurt Lykke Lindved of the group “European Art, Culture and Music Gateway”.

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