Try to remember …..think about it and we will in many cases be able to upload our memories to the times where everything was new and a world of great experiences in all aspects of the human life, nature and other cultures.

Just a week ago many things happened around the world, but how much of the inputs shown and made in the day-to-day work, media information or cyberspace work is still available in our own “hard disk” be it our brain cells or backbones.

Well, it is of course quite different to each individual person on earth and any kind of judgment to whatever is important or not is a colorful bucket of different issues. As a consequence of this it will be somewhat difficult to see how the entire population on earth might be able to achieve a common progress towards a life in peace, harmony and dignity with our ego’s in mind trying to either save our own properties or even survival in a world of financial crisis, conflicts and wars that may have a great influence to our daily life and emotional feelings.

We are all having visions, ideas and dreams about the life in general and wishes for the entire world be it topics about environment, climate changes, political and religious issues but also a personal structure in own lifestyle and habits. Many good professionals working in the fields as advisers, coaches, consultants and much more are doing a great job to find new ways into the individuals for more value in life conditions and it is of course a choice and offer to everyone whether it can be used or not.

Others like me are so called “autodidact individuals” trying to learn whatever our body and soul might tell us during a lifetime and act accordingly by our conciseness brain and hopefully still active in all aspects. Idealists are often passionated by one or more bigger topics and projects either to their own or others benefit and the goals can be many but also an injection to others for new changes in lifestyle or work.

During my lifetime in business and cultural work I found many interesting and hard working persons in the field of organizational work whether it was sport, human care or any kind of cultural assets that made the world a better place to stay and I think our today`s world is in need for even more having the resources to mobilize some extra efforts to a population on earth in absolute need for food, education, medical treatments and much more to ensure a life in dignity and safe living conditions.

Try to remember ……….:…

……….. And of course:

See you around somewhere and try to remember whatever you might find important to your life and goals for the future bearing in mind that one person can do a lot, but together we can do much more! All the best from Kurt Lykke Lindved –

This newsletter has been written by moderator Kurt Lykke Lindved of the group “European Art, Culture and Music Gateway”.

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About lindvedpress

Professional – Career * Qualified as a Charter Agent in the East Asiatic Company - Became a State Authorized Shipping Broker in 1969 * Captain in The Sirius Patrol – Greenland at Thule Air Base, 1969-1971 * Postings in New York, New Orleans, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos and London as Charter Agent and Manager 1972 – 1983 working for The East Asiatic Company Ltd. – Copenhagen * 24 years with The East Asiatic Company Ltd and subsidiary companies as Charter Agent, Marketing and Development Manager; and General Manager * Supplementary courses and examinations in Maritime and Commercial Law Management. * Founder and Owner of Sonata Production, Art and Music International Inc. – France & Denmark 1995 – present - Entertainment, Lectures, Concerts, Exhibition Events, CD, DVD and Video Recordings. Professional – Freelance * Qualified as trumpet player at Aarhus Music School – Denmark * Professional musician with several orchestras and bands – including the Matadors, Saratoga Jazz Band, Rice Wood Jokers and Aarhus Brass Band. * Leader of ”Show and Entertainment Group 28 Carat” and the Evening & Theatre School 28 Carat * Self-taught Artist (painter) Lecturer and Writer * Responsible for several large Theatre and Exhibition Events Worldwide Awards * Dutch Consul, Denmark * Goodwill Ambassador – Various Non-Profit Organizations
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