Hysterical market leaves shares fall again because of new unemployment figures in the U.S

I tried to follow the share movements based upon the publishing of the new unemployment figures from the US.

Seen from just a normal average human view I find the share holders of the entire financial share market quite ridiculous in all aspects of reactions based upon headlines only. The economical and unemployment drastic fall started already in 2007 thus being a risk of another black Friday but prevented by intervention of governments later on.

Interesting is it to note, that even though the European and American financial systems are based upon the so called capitalism it is quite different in many aspects and especially whenever a crisis is continuing as a nightmare in both regions of the world.

Whilst about 70% of the financial markets in the US is related to the internal service sector we have a much bigger percentage related to export in the European regions and especially Germany is usually much dependent on their export markets. In both regions we have the same problem – Nobody really wants to “buy” too much to the private households, thus making a stop in the financial circle and especially in the US following unemployment. The bankers are reluctant in loans and are in fact one of the main factors behind the crises but also the key to break the evil of the bad circle again.

The present status shows that part of the European countries have been able to re-organize status during the financial crisis – Some of the countries in Europe asked the private sectors to maintain their employers at work based on half-time payments, thus paid-up by state money to normal salary earnings. And even though the unemployment is quite heavy in Europe the unemployment rates are much higher than those we know in the US, which of course has an influence of how much the individual persons may buy for their own households in Europe.

As a shareholder told me recently – “I`ve lost confidence in the US financially insofar they have based so much of their financial issues in the service sector”.

I think President Obama is doing really what`s possible with the present odds on hand and I do remember it clearly when President Bush was under pressure due to the financial collapse – “I can`t help it” he said. Well, of course a straight forward and may be true statement, but I`ve never heard a leader in the private sector being that ignorant to a serious problem before.

The US has always been a locomotive to financial issues in the world and I`m still one of those who believes, that we will be heading towards a new era, but a new and fresh terminology will indeed be a necessary step towards all those challenges we are facing today – The question is how it will look like and how much people in general will involve themselves to make their own fingerprints in a contribution to the future now and for generations to come. In the affirmative it will as per historical habits be the power-hungry persons who sets the agenda.

Have a wonderful time and best greetings from

Kurt Lykke Lindved


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