EVALUATION – Gran Canary Venue February 2011.


 ”Artists in Action – Culture unites Cultures for Humanity”

 “Symphony of Human Unity”

Gran Canary – Agaete, Guia and Las Palmas – February 2011

¤ Visit to Gran Canary Island in June 2010 and January 2011 and meetings with representatives from Cultural Creatives Europe, The Tourist Office and Governmental Freelance Event Persons, Rural Hotel Las Longueras, Cultural Officials in The Municipality of Agaete, The Municipality of Guia and Arucas.

¤ The Rural Hotel Roca Negra, Agaete was appointed as the place for the AACCH Exhibition Events in cooperation with Cultural Creatives Europe until beginning January 2011.

¤ During the visit by the undersigned in January 2011 I was picked up by representatives from Cultural Creatives Europe in order to proceed to the hotel Roca Negra where I should stay according to the latest correspondence and communication. I was, however, redirected to another Rural Hotel without any notice beforehand. The hotel was called “Finca Las Longueras” and did not have the facilities as described in the AACCH concept for “Meeting Points” but located in a very beautiful area of the Island.

¤ The location for the exhibition events was changed by “Cultural Creatives Europe” and the undersigned was not aware of this before – and having 3 weeks left for the launch of the exhibition was somewhat of a challenge and the choice was either to cancel or continue our efforts best possible under those conditions.

¤ The Rural Las Longueras had no indoor facilities for exhibitors, but a nice area outside, but to be considered as a kind of “art market” without possibilities for high paid artists to join insofar it was too risky considering eventual damages by rain and heavy wind. We discovered unfortunately already such an incident in the late afternoon after the reception with heavy rain and wind and it made the entire exhibition upside-down and secure the art works into a safe room in the hotel.

¤ The tents were not waterproofed nor secured very good – It was made somewhat better the next day, but far from a good and normal standard even for outdoor exhibitions. A few international artists was on holiday staying on the Roca Negra Hotel, but refused to exhibit under those outdoor conditions.

¤ The AACCH organization had already made an advance payment for the rent of  indoor hall facilities at the Roca Negra Hotel to Cultural Creatives Europe – Now apparently used for something else since the outdoor area at The Finca Las Longueras was granted for free in 10 days.

¤ We have now received a written invoice/statement from “Cultural Creatives Europe” covering the expenses for the payment in advance – However without supporting vouchers.

¤ The Cultural Creatives Europe representatives did arrange some “GOFIO” days in the city Guia. During the stay by the undersigned in January 2011 before the venue was launched quite a lot of meetings was arranged and supposed to be joint informative and final agreements the parties concerned. The GOFIO arrangements was unfortunately mixed somewhat into the AACCH concept and the public relation materials made out by Culture Creatives Europe contained both programs under the same hat, but under different names being the arrangers. The AACCH organization had made a surplus of own flyers, programs and posters.

¤ The exhibition in Agaete was later on moved to indoor facilities in the city Galdar.

¤ It was announced from the start, that the artists should pay an amount of Euro 30,00 per stand, but the undersigned decided not to collect anything due to the circumstances and the conditions under which the exhibition was carried out. Entrance fee was also taken away leaving eventual donations for “Safe the Child”.

¤ The concerts in St. Mary Church of Guia were performed smoothly thanks to a good co-operation with the municipality and the church staff. Our AACCH musicians and singers made some really good performances and the sound acoustic was perfect for music arrangements in The St. Mary Church of Guia.


The undersigned had to leave Gran Canaria a few days before scheduled due to urgently necessary attendance in Denmark. The AACCH arrangements were finalized before departure.

The overall view now evaluated is somewhat mixed, insofar the “logistic” work was changed many times before and during the days of those arrangements. Several meetings failed and even few days before the launch a proposal came forward to arrange a concert evening in another city insofar the facilities should be better than the one agreed upon in Guia.

Some of the financial issues are still pending insofar the AACCH organization has received an invoice for design, coordination and personal activity in Agaete, for the Symphony of Human Unity – Euro 6.000,00 – and since the invoice is from Mariola Alsina Marketing and Communication Strategies and we have been working officially in a co-operation with the organization “Cultural Creatives Europe” it might take some time to finalize this matter.

The time spent in Gran Canaria was indeed not wasted insofar there are great potentials for future aspects. The undersigned will return to the Island at a later date and whatever was missing during this first venue, it will definitely be possible to create and arrange other venues in Gran Canary – probably already in August 2011.

A special thank you goes to the administration and staff at the Las Longueras Rural Hotel, the Municipality and people in Guia, who assisted us during the event period with practical issues. Last but not least the always precise driver Paco driving us around the Island telling lots of details about the nature and habits in Gran Canary.

Editor and signed by

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Goodwill Ambassador (AACCH)

Email : k.lindved@mail.dk

Phone : +45 86 43 48 96 (Duet Worldwide)

Phone : +45 23 11 02 24 (Mobile)

Copy sent to:

AACCH Administration

Deloitte, Copenhagen

Lou & Partners Advocates International

AACCH co-operating NGO organizations

The Municipality of Guia, Gran Canary

Las Longueras, Agaete, Gran Canary

Aarhus, Denmark – 26. February 2011


OBS: New address Denmark from 15. March 2011:

Soltoften 9

8250 Egaa









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