Europe in the Hot Seat!

Europe in the Hot Seat!

by Kurt Lykke Lindved on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 9:17pm

.. Understanding of the European crisis is complex and difficult to handle for most of the EU `s citizens.

If you read all the many documents, that can be seen via the EU `s websites, you can perhaps attain getting gray haired before you finish.

After the best of my ability I have tried to put me into the whole process and at first reached the conclusion, that many countries do not meet the general requirements for membership. It looks as though Europe has been hit by “volume morbid tendencies” before many countries were ready to adapt to both currency and financial requirements for membership in Solidarity.

Why is it so important to maintain the Euro Zone? Well, it is already built into so much of the world’s financial systems and therefore impossible to be erased with a stroke.

Well, Greece has been hailed as the great sins by many, but it is not the whole truth. Admittedly, Greece “dressed” or “forgot” something in previous years’ accounts, which should have been discovered by the administration of the EU long ago. But why throw good money after bad as we say it? – Yes, this can be difficult to understand, but Greece is factually a valuable partner in the European Community viewed with objective eyes, but right here and now a deeply indebted country that is unable to fend for themselves and out of their own crisis.

In comparison to this I mention California in United States – The state went bankrupt and the government in Washington has intervened and the State of California is actually under administration so far.

The relations between the EU and Greece are almost the same – Without the EU `s massive intervention would Greece long ago have gone bankrupt with the great and incalculable consequences this would entail in terms of big banks bankruptcy, private and public investment would be in ruins and across everything the EU` s existence would be threatened and perhaps bombed back to the period after World War II with even greater unemployment and poverty as a result.

Right now I am in southern Europe, where also Italy, Spain and Portugal are struggling with the economic figures and the so-called domino effect can be quickly activated if the “community” works as per the Treaties signed documents are not observed. Europe has a long history, but EU has only existed for a short time, where the main theme has been “A united Europe without more wars.” This objective has to date been a fact and the last months of interminable meetings between state leaders and administrative people from all EU countries have proven that the “heart” is still in work for a Europe, that can afford and enjoy life on equal terms, instead of the large differences in living conditions as we have seen it before the EU was founded.

The ever so famous emotional and Latin way of exploding on any discontent comes naturally often expressed in the form of strikes and protests, but most of the population groups know how bad things are and “national economy” is for most a desert hike in dry figures and formulas and not something that stimulates the senses more than a boring straight road.!

Europe was initially cleared off the goal line before the curtain fell closed and turned off everything in the economic contexts and also welcomed by both China and the United States, where each in its own way would have lost tremendous values and perhaps a worse global crisis.

Many might say … And so what !! …. Let us get used to new times and scrap materialism overriding difficulties and live differently after the motto spirituality without technical aids!!


Kurt Lykke Lindved

United Nations Culture and Development


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