When the Society `s Locomotive and Wagons must be Pulled!

by Kurt Lykke Lindved
Lecturer, Author and Ambassador UN


When the Society `s Locomotive and Wagons must be Pulled!

Every community today can be compared with a train set with few or many units.

The locomotive that pulls all these devices can be described as the productive part of society `s conditions to live and work in a variety of different types of service – both private and public.

We are so dependent on the engine can only pull the many vehicles if the boiler gets enough food so that it can smoke from the chimney – a sign of strength and determination to carry the torch.

Naturally, it is therefore, a train comes to a halt if the whole train set is too heavy or locomotive just losing capacity due to shortage of food.

… And as described above, I see the world `s current crises. The spiral has been broken – private and public service units are not productive has become too heavy to pull the locomotive and several carriages are now being left behind with unemployment, poverty and depression caused by this overheating of the locomotive’s energy resources.

“A new world order” there are some who say, but a clear definition of this is not yet possible to see – yet others speak of an “evolution” – Well, it has surely been a great and long evolution since the earth was created.

Together we must recognize that the current and “skewed” distribution of resources have been destroyed by a mess of ingredients that includes IT `s brave new world, corruption, greed, too many passive investments, expensive, wars and conflicts as well as a massive control of everything and everyone. Overall costs to be paid with the surplus of energy locomotive should have to pull the entire train set.

The question now is whether the locomotive must be retired, scrapped and a new can be built from scratch
to a well-run unit. Of course I have not the magic bullet in the hand, but in light of the many cultures, habits and rituals we have in the whole world will be a need for common ground in the overall goals and this can only be done if possible to remove any weeds that block growth from the roots to the crown of the tree – and it will be difficult as the core of all this is “egoism opaque brutal existence” as all people are familiar with – without always knowing it because of denial `s innate or acquired properties.

I just watched the video “Peter Economides – Rebranding Greece.” Peter Economides is seen with professional eyes and ears of a very savvy marketing man. The presentation of a “re-branding” of Greece contains many true and good tools, but UPS – he uses many methods that can only be used when a product or country has already created a positive image to the world – it’s impossible to “brand” a society who must clean up the backyard before it is possible to decorate the front yard.

My own heart has always had great sympathy for Greece and the Greek people, but Peter Economides `s demo presentation is in my eyes one of the many typical” private service “which in this case is being exploited on the basis of a fate which has unfortunately been assigned to the Greek people.

Judge for yourself:

After another couple of years have passed as “Time After Time” the current situation would have gone into oblivion `s archives and perhaps rewritten to history. Nothing moves, however, by itself, and the locomotive, which will carry the torch either having injected new energy or upgraded at the time `s requirements – and it can be anything from a new museum for the locomotive to the preparations for fitting or removing a ticking bomb – World biggest challenge – Climate change `s man-made destruction of the man`s best resources – the earth.!

Editor: Kurt Lykke Lindved

Lecturer, Author and Ambassador UN




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