Europe `s EU Train now offers Tickets on the First, Second or Third Class.

by Kurt Lykke Lindved, Lecturer, Author and Ambassador UN

TTT – things take time, but occasionally there are people who manage to work at high pressure and swing things around in a lightning pace, where everyone else look like extras at ringside to a boxing match.

Many were about to be thoroughly tired of hearing and seeing in Greece `s major financial problems and I think actually, that the boxing rings otherwise staunch problem now strengthened by the EuroZone`s member countries might avoid a nervous breakdown of the European population.

It is now decided as many otherwise wanted it – a tighter financial control and politic, which would ensure the EU countries against similar situations in the future. People have a tendency to turn on a dime if selfishness `s benefits are not visible or understandable, why the situation is far away from a final solution about the continuing EU existence as intended.

And while the first part of the train ran off with 200 km per hour from the remainder of the waiting passengers, who could only say “maybe” and wait until they had spoken with their “family” at home. One passenger refused to fully pay for a first or second class ticket and went home with the head under the arm in frustration of “What was it really that happened during this meeting.”

.. So what? – Well, 17 countries in the so-called “euro zone” found each other in a new and updated version of the EU Treaty, which otherwise would have given an apparent collapse hovering like dark clouds over the heads of the euro `s existence and subsequent problems worldwide. Financial constraints and a better control was the outcome of this marathon session…. And it was not really the EU `s citizens that were previously interested in the” discovery “of Greece` s seemingly insatiable empty treasury, where a mixture of corruption and lack of financial control forced the blood boil over into the rest of the EU population `s hearts – No, the dime turned around again – Why a new treaty and more financial control now!!!!

The EU is composed as prescribed by 27 countries, of which 17 are suddenly drove in first class, leaving 10 countries in confusion about the status quo – Shall we say yes or no? Britain got off the train immediately and many will probably ask how on earth Mr. David Cameroon turned this around with or without a mandate to force this through. In my opinion, Mr. Cameroon violated all democratic rules – both towards the EU and his own people.

The EU is a giant with feet of clay and it requires both time and insight into this still relatively new form of “unity” in the 27 countries before, but now divided into 3 parts. Logically, the euro zone rescued the euro `s existence on a short term lane, in which only time will tell whether it can carry the water all the way to the final line. It looks like the whole world is happy with the new initiatives – the question today is whether the remaining 9 EU countries will pay a transfer ticket from second to first class in the train, which now seems to be on track to drive fast and without asking the passengers on the second and third class, if they would like to be upgraded to first class passangers. Actually, I think that the euro zone `s participants can be without the 9 countries if necessary, but maybe it will be difficult for the 9 countries to be without the EU on the longer term lane.

There are two possibilities for all sorts of countries to choose from – the patriotic attitude after the motto “we can easily handle ourselves,” or the evolving mindset and attitude that sees the future as a greater unity, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or cultural differences.

Visionary people will usually die in patriotism `s narrow limits, but a world of unity and peaceful existence will undoubtedly get the whole process on track towards more balance and social justice to all.

Well, just now the world has no money for the big and wild investments – money disappeared unfortunately like dew in the sun helped by the world `s biggest conspiracy club – The passive investors’ paradise that made man` s consumption to rise to a sumptuous feast that now’s the end of the world `s hardest headache so far.

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Lecturer, Author and Ambassador UN






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