Born and Raised in Denmark with a Soul Abroad.

When I was about 12 years, I felt already a longing for the adventurous and alluring abroad `s diverse universe with other cultures, geographic variations, and not least the international environment in which people had a wonderful blend of skin color, language nuances, different habits and rituals .

Maybe a dream, but obviously a dream that had some strong elements and grip on my emotions registers to “live” on this wonderful planet that was given to mankind – a gift to be unwrapped and verified as per my teachings in the school’s geography hours.

Back in the beginnings of the 60s it was still not every man’s ability to travel to anywhere abroad, and the older generation looked at me often as a young man who was paranoid and possessed by demons – It was “abnormal” to be occupied by many thoughts of wanderlust and adventure in my blood – the family `s ties were unbreakable and should be continued as it befits.

All of this resulted in the thoughts and activation of me after the motto “Press begets counter-pressure” and the self-invented “laws” could of course not hold water in a law-abiding lawsuit, so I decided to “detach” myself from the jungle of laws fake arms. These people `s own and judgmental laws affected the course my mind, but just the decision about the dream, which now had become reality turned out to be the best decision I ever made in my life.

As an 18 year old young man I was now authority under the Act `s provisions on self-determination in all aspects of my own life and living. Tent poles in the Danish soil was torn up with earth and bereaved holes – perhaps a symbol of small caves which I later in life would benefit from when I landed on Danish soil – the country was, after all, a beautiful and wonderful kingdom admired and loved by many tourists. I was not unhappy with my ancestral land – but somewhere it was far too small, neat and socially developed at a high level with a safety net that was one of the best in the world.

Why do some people have lots of adventures in the blood, while others are satisfied with the birth of the district’s perhaps monotonous lives? It is difficult to disentangle this safely individual circumstances, but an immediate estimate of out-longing’s powerful forces can be anything from dissatisfaction, frustration but also a true desire for adventure `s mission, and just this can only be realized if the hinterland is well founded with democracy `s rules and human interests in all circumstances and even that has my country always worked for and obviously under the influence by the rest of the world` s political and financial structure.

It is still difficult to move from one country to another, no matter how much we talk about the community’s and “one globalized world.” I’ve lived in many different countries in about half of my life and the day’s situation is actually more complicated than it was 30 years ago. The majority is of course that the world has become a more unsafe place to live because of terrorism, but the financial and political rapid oscillations cause the laws and regulations are constantly being reviewed and edited and I have seen that even the people who will work with these public affairs have a hard time keeping up.

All this is also a matter of habit that both travelers and adventurers learn to live with, but it is also a signal that gives an indication of this fragile world where everything else would be easier to live and navigate to wherever on the globe we are. However, it is possible to achieve some sort of special status when we have lived in other countries for a long and otherwise behaved properly under current legislation but also cultural habits and rituals.

How much in the long run will be merged into larger units is difficult to predict – on the contrary, I have a feeling that we at one time or another will look into smaller enclaves with perhaps its own “social currency”, more determination and political independence but managed by councilors just as we have known this centuries ago.

The world is rich in everything – nature, raw materials, animals and humans but overall, man as an intelligent race has managed to abuse anything without using either the logic or even common sense to pursue the world as it was intended and now we are perhaps at a crossroads that can be compared with a choice of “plague or cholera.” I have met people of every conceivable version – illiterate, chronically ill, government leaders, financial top people, artists, dock workers, politicians, captains and insane psychopathic individuals – all born with the same senses and organs, but the complete lack of comparability of mind, attitudes, education, culture and intelligence.

We are brought up and trained to accept and talk with other people at eye level, but do not understand to use our senses `s otherwise excellent opportunities to” feel “and find out what’s really going on in ourselves and others. We do not reach an inch ahead if we are continually circling around our own selfish ego. An acceptance or self-recognition is not a guarantee nor understanding or empathy, but merely a polite counter possibility for weak souls.

Popularly speaking, we lose our souls if all goes too fast – traveling from one part of the globe to another, or move to other areas in the world with fast intervals. It is nonsense for the soul is always calm just where we as people feel comfortable and it can be anything from an airplane to a desert island – everything else is just a habit or vicious circle we dare not break even because of the prejudice’s strong bonds.

And … speaking of an island was a Danish sailor intends sailed and was on the island until his day’s end – because, as he said it in his time – in Denmark, he should perhaps pay property tax, though I doubt that he had a larger fortune although it can be difficult to comprehend man in mind and heart ……!

Maybe we’ll meet somewhere in reality’s lovely universe – The World today is not bigger than anything that can be accommodated by the idea in a heartbeat.

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Culture and Development UN






















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Professional – Career * Qualified as a Charter Agent in the East Asiatic Company - Became a State Authorized Shipping Broker in 1969 * Captain in The Sirius Patrol – Greenland at Thule Air Base, 1969-1971 * Postings in New York, New Orleans, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos and London as Charter Agent and Manager 1972 – 1983 working for The East Asiatic Company Ltd. – Copenhagen * 24 years with The East Asiatic Company Ltd and subsidiary companies as Charter Agent, Marketing and Development Manager; and General Manager * Supplementary courses and examinations in Maritime and Commercial Law Management. * Founder and Owner of Sonata Production, Art and Music International Inc. – France & Denmark 1995 – present - Entertainment, Lectures, Concerts, Exhibition Events, CD, DVD and Video Recordings. Professional – Freelance * Qualified as trumpet player at Aarhus Music School – Denmark * Professional musician with several orchestras and bands – including the Matadors, Saratoga Jazz Band, Rice Wood Jokers and Aarhus Brass Band. * Leader of ”Show and Entertainment Group 28 Carat” and the Evening & Theatre School 28 Carat * Self-taught Artist (painter) Lecturer and Writer * Responsible for several large Theatre and Exhibition Events Worldwide Awards * Dutch Consul, Denmark * Goodwill Ambassador – Various Non-Profit Organizations
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