Internet Friends and Those we Would Rather be Without!

Direct speech is more intelligible than speech in black and with two or more tongues – it makes the understanding better, especially in an open international forum, where many communicate in English, translated from their native language – misunderstanding and tones the way to compose words might be something of a task for even the most experienced reader.

But just like in real life there will always be people who try to avoid confrontation with people’s hurricane where the chemistry is like base and acid, and this is nothing new, but perhaps one of life `s exercises to broaden inclusiveness `s new world in a different and challenging way for all mankind.

I admit that I find it hard to cope with the destructive souls – they both steal my precious time and a positive dialogue is in many cases impossible to perform. I know however that there is often a cause behind destructiveness, but to find this cause deep into man’s mind, heart and soul is a task that belongs to the professionals.

Popularly speaking, we can only have 5 to 6 friends in the real life, if we have a life with work to be performed and a wife or partner. Friends are something we have – we will usually not implement more without having to skip some others – a choice which in turn changes depending on current own life and lifestyle, which we do know can vary many times during our entire lifetime.

There may be stretcher vulnerable and scheming people in all of Internet’s portals and again a choice, whether it is possible to assess who is what and with whom to communicate with. It may also be a sport in itself to try our own judgment based on the written words and pictures – they tell more than we often think and behind these signals any surprise may arise or even worse – caught in a trap which eventually may become a larger part of a criminal history, which at worst end up in court.

Unfortunately, many have been through this twisting machine and when I tried this a few years ago with my senses obviously being tightened to man’s unconsciousness scheming and cold ego – especially with those who are prepared to use everything in survival’s struggle for which the methods used are comparable to those animals, who eat their own race in need’s while. They are dangerous as the foam of the sea and without conscience when being committed.

Some years ago I had to swallow a greater loss because of a failed project established in the work with another person, where everything began over the Internet’s flattering confidences words, which like many others turned out to be hot air without substance.

Who, as none dare will not experience new perspectives and I have always belonged to this category of inherited genes and positive perspective on life `s wonderful universe. This case I had written off a long time ago as “loss and win with the same mind” – The case was handed over to police, but without a recourse claim on my part, because I knew that nothing could be gained.

Recently I learned, however, that the case will actually be open for a maximum of 20 years before it might be closed …… maybe, maybe not …… but there is more behind the authority’s facades than we think … … and suddenly we encounter a bear, who would like to exchange a few words with us. This is just a little warning in all circumstances where a dispute ends up in court – it never gets erased.

Free us from the evil … no matter where or when, but knowing the man’s core is difficult to explore – the experience and learning will be a small step toward man’s ability to separate the wheat from the chaff – the animal´s and nature’s reactions are the best examples in the struggle for life or death and none of those cannot even talk.!!

… But words can kill ….

Enemies or friends – I do know they are there, but as long as I know this, I am quite calm and relaxed – An old lesson from my time as a hunter-soldier, where uncertainty was worse than certainty.

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Ambassador, Culture and Development UN


About lindvedpress

Professional – Career * Qualified as a Charter Agent in the East Asiatic Company - Became a State Authorized Shipping Broker in 1969 * Captain in The Sirius Patrol – Greenland at Thule Air Base, 1969-1971 * Postings in New York, New Orleans, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos and London as Charter Agent and Manager 1972 – 1983 working for The East Asiatic Company Ltd. – Copenhagen * 24 years with The East Asiatic Company Ltd and subsidiary companies as Charter Agent, Marketing and Development Manager; and General Manager * Supplementary courses and examinations in Maritime and Commercial Law Management. * Founder and Owner of Sonata Production, Art and Music International Inc. – France & Denmark 1995 – present - Entertainment, Lectures, Concerts, Exhibition Events, CD, DVD and Video Recordings. Professional – Freelance * Qualified as trumpet player at Aarhus Music School – Denmark * Professional musician with several orchestras and bands – including the Matadors, Saratoga Jazz Band, Rice Wood Jokers and Aarhus Brass Band. * Leader of ”Show and Entertainment Group 28 Carat” and the Evening & Theatre School 28 Carat * Self-taught Artist (painter) Lecturer and Writer * Responsible for several large Theatre and Exhibition Events Worldwide Awards * Dutch Consul, Denmark * Goodwill Ambassador – Various Non-Profit Organizations
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One Response to Internet Friends and Those we Would Rather be Without!

  1. Thorbjörn Sjögren says:

    There is also that possibility, to be just born and raised in the time beeing. (Where Denmark is situated in Europe that belongs to the known world,and the soul has to cope with that). Or, if borned and raised some years before it was necessary to be friend to this super high-tech communicating systems, that confuses our lifes, yours and mine, also when we nicely made us partner to it and do manage some use of it, we are not borned and raised with it.
    We do not have a relaxed attitude and grown up behaviour to those communicating systems.
    My perspective on this issue is that it is comparable to confronting an unknown culture. We need competence that is never asked for in our learning period. Competence on several levels.
    Do the youth have that competence automaticly then, today? The answer is; yes, on many of the necessary levels, they do have it! Or, they do learn it before they passed the elemantary school.
    I will follow you and hope that we can meet.

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