Manipulation and Deception `s Kingpins.

The news media today has more shades, colors and political persuasions. There is the serious objective and the boulevard press, each with their audience in any society.

Internet portals also have audiences on and some take the entire register under their wings, thence being up to the individuals and use the “freedom” to write and debate what the heart desires.

It actually makes great demands on the individual to explore what is objectively manifested or manipulation. I’ve tried manipulations false face several times in my life where the primary goal was the enrichment of either money or status symbols, where I just was a personal number which was abused to the extent it was possible until I discovered the fake voice shrill sounds.

Humans have always had a shred of egotism in the enrichment desire for either wealth, focus or self-formal ways of presenting their own opinions even though they rarely show the person’s inner core, which hopefully contains what we call conscience – the true self with all that implies.

Many news media that grinds all day long are inhaled regularly by many with bad, good and banal news at a rapid pace that cannot be digested in five minutes. Our ability to filter out the amount of such objective or mania polished details are almost zero, since we do not give us time to review and analyze the individual items or articles.

A course in analysis and media attention brought me some time ago on the trail of many new discoveries in this communication blissful universe and my observations and surprises were larger than expected. The democratic rights about free speech is a gift to humanity, but even with this wonderful tool in your hand, it has become possible for both professionals and amateurs to use manipulation`s art to fool the less clever, but it’s not smart nor intelligent being able to manipulate and under those circumstances it will be classified in line with the fox that uses many different inputs and outputs.

We have discovered and seen it throughout history, but in spite of any educational experience, we have still leaders in this world who are able to manipulate a whole population. Everything has its origins in small groups and with the right “tools” they can grow big without much attention from the passive majority.

Eleven years ago the world witnessed the disaster, 9 / 11 in New York, where some 3,000 innocent people were murdered by a handful of barbarians, who quietly had prepared this maneuver without being detected. A chase was initiated against the guilty and has since then been the goal and the guilty persons maybe the idol for others, who after the psychological descriptions can be classified as psychopaths.

The majority of humanity wants to live in peace and harmony with their own values and without manipulation, conflict and hatred of others. Everything is relative and everything is possible, but from the beginning of life and until today there has never been neither peace nor harmony in this world and the “hawk hawk over” principle will stay as long as the world are being manipulated, abused and portrayed as a paradise even though hunger, hardship and discrimination still exists as a part of everyday life for 1 / 3 of the world population.

Bright are spots glinting in my soul and body during these days’ events and changes in the Arab countries where many young people have highlighted the fact via the motto “enough is enough”, and where an entire generation has allowed itself to be manipulated by the despots and I must acknowledge that I have been “too dumb” in the dawn of time, where manipulation was very active by the sellers, that could convince all the wisdom in buying the “sand in the Sahara”.

Kurt Lykke Lindved
Culture and Development, United Nations








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