Democracy’s concept is eroded.

The word democracy has unfortunately been devalued and used interchangeably as a second promotional version, where people meet dictatorship or the bureaucratic system as a collar upholds freedom of the otherwise democratic opportunities to speak and live freely.

Not everyone understands the democratic rules and there’s never really done a proper concept we can deal with apart from the political word called democracy. Democracy is used also as a daily phenomenon in which areas such as human rights and freedom are coupled to democracy’s home-made concept. The explanation could be:

“The democracy means simply that the individual has the greatest possible influence on his or her life and that there are institutions that make it possible for all interests being free to speak and be confronted on an equal basis in order to establish a solution.”

A vague and in my opinion bad formulation which can be misused as needed … And is abused by power-hungry and bureaucratic people with inferiority complexes.

Democratically governed countries has for many years based laws and regulations through the courts, and the lawyers do not have a second lead wire to follow but can only base the new laws through their own intuition or, at best, from previous convictions. Constitution´s basic law provides a basic course for the people’s rights or obligations, but then there is a myrtle of variations in span and interpretations.

It can be difficult to be heard in the crowd of democracy’s most assertive human forces and precisely this is exploited by especially corrupt, power-hungry and insane persons. They are found everywhere on Earth’s leave, but sometimes hidden from the public, discreet but highly dangerous and skilled in subversive work and erosion of democracy with democracy’s own resources.

Democracy should preferably be the basis of openness, tolerance, objective and truthful actions undertaken by the politicians and administrative leaders, who are chosen for this work by the people. Man is neither programmed nor taught being able to maintain their own positions over a longer period and many are susceptible to bribery and changes depending on the conscience and stressful situations, where any kind of common sense disappears like dew in the sun.

Democracy’s Mecca includes all forms of religious, political, corrupt, smart and self-destructive people. Alone with this in memory, it would be impossible for even an army battalion to eliminate those with democracy’s tool in their hands. This category of non-democratic people is increasing in line with the size of the financial drift towards the abyss and soon much of the very law abiding and conscientious people will follow – Democracy’s principles are being shelved in favor of man’s primeval instinct, where only survival may be the fittest.

It’s already so obvious that anyone with just a little feel for the written word can sense it through the internet portals, where especially facebook is a hotbed of frustration, fear and struggle for attention and survival.

Cleanup work will be extensive and the future’s genuine democratic activists will have to use undemocratic means to remove any weeds that can smother and destroy all the true and peaceful people – Someone must die in order to pave the way for others who want a life in dignity and peace.

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Culture and Development, UN


About lindvedpress

Professional – Career * Qualified as a Charter Agent in the East Asiatic Company - Became a State Authorized Shipping Broker in 1969 * Captain in The Sirius Patrol – Greenland at Thule Air Base, 1969-1971 * Postings in New York, New Orleans, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos and London as Charter Agent and Manager 1972 – 1983 working for The East Asiatic Company Ltd. – Copenhagen * 24 years with The East Asiatic Company Ltd and subsidiary companies as Charter Agent, Marketing and Development Manager; and General Manager * Supplementary courses and examinations in Maritime and Commercial Law Management. * Founder and Owner of Sonata Production, Art and Music International Inc. – France & Denmark 1995 – present - Entertainment, Lectures, Concerts, Exhibition Events, CD, DVD and Video Recordings. Professional – Freelance * Qualified as trumpet player at Aarhus Music School – Denmark * Professional musician with several orchestras and bands – including the Matadors, Saratoga Jazz Band, Rice Wood Jokers and Aarhus Brass Band. * Leader of ”Show and Entertainment Group 28 Carat” and the Evening & Theatre School 28 Carat * Self-taught Artist (painter) Lecturer and Writer * Responsible for several large Theatre and Exhibition Events Worldwide Awards * Dutch Consul, Denmark * Goodwill Ambassador – Various Non-Profit Organizations
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6 Responses to Democracy’s concept is eroded.

  1. Kmentemt says:

    Dear Kurt Lykke Lindved!

    Your approach is a moralistic one. Moral is for individuals and not for groups, societies or a state, they need rules and laws found by a sustainable and boring democratically procedure with a lot of compromises and political deals.. If moral becomes THE driving political force it easily turns into dictatorship or even into a fascistic movement.

    May be I got you wrong but you wrote: “Cleanup work will be extensive and the future’s genuine democratic activists will have to use undemocratic means to remove any weeds that can smother and destroy all the true and peaceful people” Just change a few words: “genuine democratic activist” into “us” and “weeds” into “jewish or black people” and you might see yourself the danger of your thoughts. Finally the only argument for using “undemocratic means” to achieve a better (?) democracy is the believe to have a higher morality then the others. History proved to us that a higher morality becomes deadly for a lot of people (see Stalinism, Fascisms, Maoism, …), they will – like you said – be removed!!!

    • lindvedpress says:

      Dear “Kmentemt”

      Thank you so much for your remarks to this, maybe controversial topic, and there are naturally some areas where I agree to your considerations.

      My considerations are not coated with any over or undertones directed towards specific groups of society. Rather, it is more the many individual leaders, lobbyists, greedy for power and professional politicians, who in their daily work are focused on recovery regardless of the means needed to achieve the goals they have created to be their either selfish greed or a misguided democratic perception of the basic elements in a society, that uses democracy´s spirit as the basis for laws and regulations.

      You write, among other things “If moral becomes THE driving political force it easily turns into dictatorship or even into a fascistic movement. ” Well, I know that ethics and law are two very different things, but I would not exactly describe neither Stalin, Hitler, with more to be sure guardians of morality, why I just think morality should be much higher than what we see today. Without morality and culture would any viable democracy be a spiritually bankrupt in the process towards democracy’s opponents and precisely in these hours we can pursue a lawsuit in Norway, where a truncated and full cold-Nazis believe he has completed an effort to kill nearly 100 children and young people in order to “help” the Norwegian people against spoilage.

      This is just to illustrate a small part of my thoughts and in line with the facts that may undermine democracy’s intentions from the inside and very damaging for any society, that cares about democracy’s best qualities.

      All the best,
      Kurt Lykke Lindved

      • Kmentemt says:

        We are not that far from each other, it was only the last paragraph of your articel: … undemocratic means, remove, genuine democratic activists, … where I thought I have to protest.

        Somehow it is like the Gordian knot. Either you sit down for a long time and open one knot after the other or you cut it like Alexander the Great, but then you loose your kingdom as fast as you won it.

        • lindvedpress says:

          Agree kmentemt and this Gordian knot will always be there – sometimes tight and at other times a little loose. I think the most important aspect for the democratic game rules will be vigilant where everyone has eyes and ears open to the exorbitant conditions practiced in some countries, while of course, we must look into ourselves and our surroundings, which through the emotional senses can topple even a legal state like dew in the sun.

  2. lindvedpress says:

    Dear Jack Fuller,

    Thank you so much for your comments to this maybe difficult topic, but as a start I will reply with the following text.:

    Freedom in the civilized world is an illusion – we are born, registered, trained, educated, socially embedded, trapped and shrouded in administrative policy laws and much more ….. but out there where people are neither registered with the data volumes in the IT jungle’s brave world is the freedom at least to be free from civilization, living in peace and spiritual freedom in the real universe.


  3. Jack Fuller says:

    Dear Kurt Lykke Lindved
    I believe that with your post you mean well, and are speaking from the very noblest of sentiments. But some of your statements seem to rest upon what for me will always be a troubling element in “pro democracy” polemic: to wit, for example, the unquestioning use of the concept of “genuine democratic activists,” (the key word here being “genuine”) and that of democracy’s “erosion,” to point to only two. I would like to suggest that an open debate about these issues would be possible here, in such web sites, within the purview of similar platforms of exchange and debate, only on condition that the concepts we make such free use of are vigilantly explored, and in their turn laid open to interrogation and analysis.
    The problem –from which I for one would begin– is the following: Is there a consistently defensible and definable idea of what a “democracy” looks like, given the irrefutable truth that no state exists today which has a right to name itself a Democracy–outwith the utterances of its ideologues, government bodies, and official pronouncements issuing from the marginal regions of government, and its media: all of which, as world history painstakingly warns us, its citizens, are installed simply to conceal the true relations of power obtaining in our world. That is to say: pro-American (or at least America-dependent), Eurocentric, and Judeo-Christian in its profile? Do we have as yet a way to separate out from one another (a) a rhetoric of democracy which helps the established powers control the world, while salving their Christian conscience, on the one hand, and (b) truthful and honest debate as to how a “real” democracy might one day be . . I must insist on this being the best of all possible words: . . . APPROACHED?
    I posit this question, and leave my friends and fellow arm-chair politicos to their ruminations. In solidarity, and respectfully — Jack Fuller

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