The Hourglass incessant flow in the race of stability and tranquility.

Has life become too complicated? Do we organize ourselves wrong in connection with the energy and mental strength we need in an ordinary working day for survival in what used to be an affluent society, but now in recession and depression as a result of perhaps the wrong choice in both ethics and materialistic decisions .

Precisely at this time we see revolutions and demonstrations are mainly directed against political leaders, but also different aspects that go around in the extreme directions. Inner anger, frustration and pressure often leads to violence and a large proportion of the population may end up getting a depression because of the powerlessness and social decline in living standards or worse.

In the rich world, there was almost a race for status symbols among neighbors, colleagues and family where everyone had the ambition to acquire the house, dog, car and boat – many times based on borrowings from banks or credit institutions. How many people actually own their houses is not known with certainty, but overall it was not a lot of bricks with the name owner.

This is why we are fighting today to pay bills regardless of status and it includes everything from governments, banks, investment firms to our individual financial universe. The values of our properties and materialist hardware were inflated by the entire glorious financial market and a large part of this abundance this was just hot air and fictitious values in honor of the investors.

It is actually quite logical – if a person cheats another person for money, there is only one person who gains. When this process repeats itself again and again there are finally only a few people who sit with the entire prize. Some call it corruption and the dreams’s thoughts on quick profit have become a common concern, where all are complicit in the situation as we see it today.

Well, that’s history now, and what can we do if our ears and eyes are full of the financial advisors’s bleak words. We can start by telling ourselves that a pile of bricks is not a necessity for life’s preservation, so this part of our materialistic universe can somehow be adapted to reality in line with the only thing we really own – our own life with all the opportunities we were given either from birth, experience or education.

WHO (World Health Organization) rang some time ago with the warning bells, where more and more people were affected by depression – perhaps because of the economic recession, but also a general feeling of insecurity because of the world’s many negative focal points that includes everything from terrorist threats, violent revolutions and the future’s bleak outlook. The media has of course a great influence on the individual’s receipt of the reports and pictures served to the morning coffee. But the truth is perhaps more that we the humans have been too passive in our internal editing of what-to-any time is told or seen in the media’s eagerness to capture customers.

Yet, there are no prophets or living individuals capable of delivering the magic wand of eternal salvation, why the work with own life and prosperity depend on our individual efforts to change any kind of negative thoughts into a constructive procedure.

Many people are afraid to die even though we are all going the same way at one time or another and this inner anxiety often leads to a search of religious or spiritual aspects that can be a platform or anchor for man’s soul and body. There’s nothing wrong with this except the people or organizations that may be abusing other people for their own benefit.

The future probably contains many exciting new discoveries – science has obviously opened many doors for new and substantiated findings in man’s affinity with the universe, but just this huge space is large and so far only explored a small part of life’s and nature’s many variants from earth’s creation until today.

We have seen before that recessions and depressions can trigger conflict and war, but the situation seems to be an entirely different matter today. Despots and insane leaders are declining and common sense seems to affect even leaders and large segments of the population. Constructive and visionary perspectives to be used for completely different goals, although it may lead to a collapse of the financial and monetary system we know today.

Our entrance into a new lifestyle needs energy and creative thinking, why it would be pointless to spend energy on impasses being only dreams of the fictional and invisible, but working from the reality we know here and now. Europe is almost by definition become the hotbed of recessions and depressions, and this very fact will be crucial to the future of the world if it ends up in chaos.

Realism will be the best defense against attacks and just attack is abundant in this period without a subsequent constructive proposal to resolve the current crisis. Let the positive and creative man get more space in the public sphere and realize life’s most important natural abilities – being able to live with ourselves and others without prejudices and constraints that hamper the freedom to be, act and help others in distress worst moments.

Kurt Lykke Lindved








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