Life’s downturn and return again!

Man’s life can be both short and long, depending on the circumstances in a world, where it is actually dangerous to live.If we presuppose that the average age is around 75 years, a life time can be divided into several modules from birth to the end of life. At some point around the age 18 to 20 years the education will be strengthened and the brain is pumped even more with various learning targeted towards a manageable life with the skills obtained through a hard student period – Life’s next phase can begin.

During the next 40 to 50 years most will be engaged in a professional and personal life, often at a breakneck speed and without much contact with the body or spiritual inspiration regardless of the concrete arteries that it might be. We have become slaves of our own ambitions and the means used to achieve these results are actually subordinates – it is simply “main account” without consulting the body and soul, which otherwise would like to be included in the dicisions.

The turning point occurs often around the age 50 to 60 years and for many a trip to hell’s backyard – the reasons can be many and include everything from a hard life’s work, consuming too much alcohol, medication and drugs, divorce, economic woes – perhaps it all in a giant cocktail, that sends people to the census as in a boxing arena.

I have challenged the downturn‘s judgment against an overly fast-paced life for 25 years, where my job was spread over the entire globe. The question for anyone who ends up in such a situation will always be – how on earth is it possible to resume “life” again?

Well, it was not something we learned in school and the consequences can be expensive and a bankrupt in both economics and human failure that threatens just around the corner. But in short, even if only the smallest core is left in the body and soul it is possible to get the whole person out of the mud again.

A hard process and nothing will be flying down from the sky but a work that can be compared with the first year of life, when the basic elements and motor function should be learned. After this, it is not unnatural to ask the question – What went really wrong? – Many will probably find that they lacked some very elementary and congenital characteristics, that were both saved and lost in the pace-filled life and those ambitions will now be paid for but to a much higher price than shown in the bank account including dead materialistic values.

The result as seen in retrospect, is equal to a huge spiritual hole that was not maintained and a body and soul, which for many years have tried to shout for help and recovery. Man is fortunately not so delicate constructed as many might think so, and much can be recovered, both physically and mentally, provided that you work with your own body, soul and mind. Listening to your body’s vital signals will be the next and perhaps final phase of life – Now it’s your body’s turn to be included in life’s final, where the interaction can be a very fruitful and rewarding life with the return ticket on hand and our own internal revenge for whatever was lost in the first two thirds of life. Many prejudices will probably be torn to pieces during this process – the review’s long arm will certainly look with sober eyes on everything from upbringing, beliefs, lifestyles and habits, which during many years has been locked in the unconscious ego. Some people will probably turn to spiritual divine possibilities to obtain peace of mind – but beware of – much of this is now swept under the culture’s varnish without any real substance, but a tangle of offers on everything from eternal salvation to a harmonious life at the expense of your own life which is yours in everything you’ve got in gifts from birth. Use them and let intuition guide you in life’s many aspects.

Money is the driving force in almost everything we do in the civilized world, so the question is whether we need to kick-start the economy of this financial crisis. Growth doesn’t need to be equal in wealth of money, why a whole new way of thinking would be epoch making with the “man” in the center. Perhaps a long term plan, where we turn it all upside- down and set up smaller social communities with their own total control of the economy, culture, infrastructure, etc. versus the large pyramid-controlled administrations that cannot reach out into the outskirts in a satisfactory manner.

Life will never be improved unless we decide to make it better – The overriding question is simply whether mankind on this planet can agree on something-as-anything.!

Kurt Lykke Lindved, UN

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One Response to Life’s downturn and return again!

  1. olga lustosa says:

    One of the best writings of you Kurt. How amazing you described life through the years. Reading your words I could reflect about the effort I have done to have a harmonious life.

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