Man’s physical and mental limits – Is the Infinite?

I cannot but be impressed man’s infinite multiplicity and diversity. Not two people are alike. Humanity includes contrasts as soldier and mystic, the executioner and the yogi, the active business man and student academic … etc. Humanity includes numerous contrasts of different types. And as the knowledge of human nature grows we are confronted with more and more problems in trying to understand our fellow men and trying to work harmoniously with people with characteristics that differ markedly from our own!

But a higher consciousness aspect is slowly taking over the role as the guiding force in the developed human being. It is the ability to think in a mental ray. This has created a very difficult situation for many people, experiencing an inner struggle between their mental, astral and physical rays. This struggle will often get people to think in parallel terms, feel nothing and do something else. It’s like a wagon with three horses trying to pull in opposite directions – and it leads nowhere.

The development of the individual as independent human being began many millions years ago. At this time, the physical-etheric beam was the dominant force in man. It was simply not possible for man to respond to higher grades. Feelings and thoughts were at this early stage not yet developed.

There is today a plethora of reading material dealing with the human borders or lack of same – Some of the religious organizations are talking about immortality while spiritual forces have many ideas of the soul and the body’s ability to remain alive indefinitely.

The physical limits or lack of same are familiar manner of extreme sports. New records are seen in the spotlight again and again and man’s ability to stay under extreme conditions such as space-crafts is known to everyone. It is also known that the physic and psyche follow through in everything we do, why we must assume that the limits of physical and emotional expression, perhaps not indefinitely but only the future will show what is possible regardless of the many religious and spiritual bid of life’s endless journey.

Science will probably reach the next level where life may be observed on Mars and in the affirmative, much of the past respectively the future will be subject to new and revised discussion of the earth creation and the beginning of life.

Just like professional scientists are curious, we are by nature too preoccupied with the unknown, mysterious and particularly the limits of man in extreme situations. The difference in science and everything else is small, especially since much of the spiritual life often takes a starting point in the scientific provable material.

I am sure that awareness of the current reality will move many frontiers in the future of man‘s potential for extreme border tests both physically and mentally and with a starting point from the platform where we know the content – Imagination sets no limit, but faith in a steadfast theory or religion will slow further opportunities for physical and mental growth.

The art of living life limited or infinite is not just a question of vision alone, but to pursue the vision for the extreme possible and the destination being the target of the vision’s realization.

The entire register is large and variable, and as described before, it has been difficult for many people to navigate through the many labyrinths – thanks to the evolution of consciousness. I will therefore conclude by telling how little we actually know about the subconscious, which in the last phase maybe the most important control tools physically and mentally in the human system.

Kurt Lykke Lindved

Culture and Development, UN


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