The Art of being a Good Person!

Kurt Lykke Lindved, UN
Manager EAC, Founder AACCH
Maritime Laws Ph.D
Honored Dutch Consul
Artist, Lecturer and Composer
Author and Globetrotter

It will never be possible to determine that the man is either good or evil, but only that it is both. And maybe is man first and foremost controlled by instincts.

Are people basically good or evil? Or did man come to the world as a blank slate, where the good or evil enrolled.

Some claims that man is basically evil. And much of what happens between people are vicious. I do not agree. In my view it is the opposite: most of what we do for each other is good. The vast majority of people are aspiring in a fundamental way of doing what is right.

A shortcut …. is it realistic or is it already too late?

Man is endowed with a kind of ethical intelligence that enables us to choose the good in the meeting with the fellow man. I define ethics as the way we do relate to our fellow human beings and to our outside world. … Every time we meet a fellow human being, we also meet ethics. Ethics is about the art of being a (co-) human.

And this art can be practiced – as all other skills. How do we learn to choose the ethical dilemmas? We have ethical principles such as equality, solidarity, respect for self-determination, our reason, which can be used for weighing consequences paired with insight but such a balance is not in itself the answer. Our conscience (to have a bad conscience is actually having a good conscience, because it means that it works well!). Empathic ability, which is the understanding and empathy for fellow human beings, so we do not act template-like and finally to inquire of others – a “tool” that should be used more.

Are these two men both good or both bad?

But goodness is not just to give in. Fake goodness may be the inability to say no and say no. Fake goodness can also be masquerading as goodness to increase the ability to maneuver. True goodness is necessarily accompanied by good judgment – and sometimes courage.

Exercise of goodness can also be hampered by “counter-forces”. I can highlight the fear of interfering. Here, is a good judgment used to determine when something is what I would call officious care, and when it is a failure.

We strive to be good, because it’s appropriate, yes, because it pays to be. Life is so well

Be well prepared magician when the final battle between good and evil wizards men must stand!

designed that no one who seriously tries to help others can avoid also to being helped. In other words: Good deeds need not be disinterested, the most important thing is that they are good and that they are carried out.

Furthermore, there are even experiments which indicate that experience of sweetness is carrying goodness. Also animals know the “good deeds”, whereas the humans may be a result of the evolution. Animals that share food with others who take care of weak individuals, who are warning the whole crowd, even though they are at risk and so on, are examples. And the behavior has ensured its survival and existence.

“Faith is to do the good, even God permits evil”

The Danish author and satirist Storm P. said in one of his paradoxes “Art is what you cannot do, if so, it is not art”. It will never be possible to determine, whether man is either good or evil, but only that it is both, no matter how much we spend of energy on ourselves and others.

…. And this is just why I’m asking when the peace, we all want will ever see the light of the day, considering that we before anything else must work hard to destroy the evil in our own house.




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Professional – Career * Qualified as a Charter Agent in the East Asiatic Company - Became a State Authorized Shipping Broker in 1969 * Captain in The Sirius Patrol – Greenland at Thule Air Base, 1969-1971 * Postings in New York, New Orleans, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos and London as Charter Agent and Manager 1972 – 1983 working for The East Asiatic Company Ltd. – Copenhagen * 24 years with The East Asiatic Company Ltd and subsidiary companies as Charter Agent, Marketing and Development Manager; and General Manager * Supplementary courses and examinations in Maritime and Commercial Law Management. * Founder and Owner of Sonata Production, Art and Music International Inc. – France & Denmark 1995 – present - Entertainment, Lectures, Concerts, Exhibition Events, CD, DVD and Video Recordings. Professional – Freelance * Qualified as trumpet player at Aarhus Music School – Denmark * Professional musician with several orchestras and bands – including the Matadors, Saratoga Jazz Band, Rice Wood Jokers and Aarhus Brass Band. * Leader of ”Show and Entertainment Group 28 Carat” and the Evening & Theatre School 28 Carat * Self-taught Artist (painter) Lecturer and Writer * Responsible for several large Theatre and Exhibition Events Worldwide Awards * Dutch Consul, Denmark * Goodwill Ambassador – Various Non-Profit Organizations
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2 Responses to The Art of being a Good Person!

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  2. Nancy Seifer says:

    Kurt, I really enjoyed this exploration of your ideas on good and evil — particularly the idea that having a bad conscience is a good thing. At least there’s a compass working.

    One of the great ideas contained within the Ageless Wisdom is that human beings are not all the same. Some have evolved more than others through lifetimes of experience and spiritual growth. As a result we have sheep and goats — those who are on the Path, treading the way to ‘the mountain top’. Some people (however few at this time) have overcome instinctual living and can be expected to act in awareness of the greater Good. The key to many mysteries is contained in reality of the evolution of consciousness

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