When is a person an addict …..…!

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D Culture and Development - UN Lecturer and Writer Honored Dutch Counsel Former CEO in EAC Entertainer and Event Management

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D
Culture and Development – UN
Lecturer and Writer
Honored Dutch Counsel
Former CEO in EAC
Entertainer and Event Management

The world today is a motley gathering of people of which 48% are classified as addicts of tobacco, alcohol, addictive drugs and narcotics.

But there are also a large number of people who abuse each other without knowing the amount in this category. Well, regardless of this unknown number, we do know that the problem exists and is growing especially in times of crisis, where the man evokes the inner ego when the crisis scrunches most of the selfish staggering social and human layers.

Sometime in the dawn of time man was able to support themselves without technical assistance or other human labor and said in a simple way, it was the men who provided the food and the women who prepared the food. It does not mean, however, we should return to medieval conditions, but if we compare with the times then and now it is as if the world has taken a quantum leap helped by the technology’s progress.

We must therefore ask ourselves whether these developmental factors have a link to a growing abuse Yes, it has. Many can not handle the pressure in a fast-paced environment while others can not even grasp their own work. The distance between the well-educated people and what we call the bottom of the social hierarchy is expanding in these times of crisis – The unemployment rate is alarmingly high, and the question is whether these many people will survive without becoming addicts of some of the exclusionary medicine products, alcohol or drugs.


All the medical products that are addictive is extremely heavy to get rid of again. Alcohol, addictive drugs and narcotics will in many cases be a main integration in the daily life’s thoughts and at a time throughout the progress it will suddenly become an “abuse” that gradually increases the volume of alcohol or drugs.

An abuse is common in all social strata and even leaders, politicians and others who are affected by this phenomenon is an absolute danger to themselves and others, which in extreme cases can lead to wrong decisions, self-destruction, depression and much more.

There are, of course, means to be treated for an abuse of addictive drugs and the sooner the better because it takes just as long to get out of the abuse by the same time you’ve been in the abusive period.


All this I did observe through my professional career as a Shipbroker, but without thinking more deeply about the consequences for the affected individuals. I do know now …. most of them are dead or disabled without the possibility of being able to operate normally just as an average person with a healthy lifestyle.

I have written this because I have learned, that it is the most undignified way to live a life regardless of the many people who always claim that abuse is self-inflicted, but these people can easily become the addiction’s next victim without knowing why.

The cost for the addicts many hospital admissions, doctor visits, ambulance call outs and treatments amounts to astronomical sums in the world, and particularly in these times the money could have been spent much better.

“An abuse of humans caused by others who use the mental terror as a weapon equal to the psychopath’s behavior are in many cases co-addicts but without charge”.



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