A European Union with many disharmonies.

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D Culture and Development - UN Lecturer and Writer Honored Dutch Counsel Former CEO in EAC Entertainer and Event Management

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D
Culture and Development – UN
Lecturer and Writer
Honored Dutch Counsel
Former CEO in EAC
Entertainer and Event Management

The European Union has for the past years been the subject of many discussions and focus from all four compass directions. The gigantic crisis that started in the U.S. with the so-called subprime crisis (a financial concept from the United States, related to the banks’ lending in the real estate business with a high risk and a high interest rate). The result of this crisis, we know only too well, and with a wave of bankruptcies throughout the world.

The party was over and the world went on stand-bye for a short period. The self-search conducted at the time of the financial market was a tough nut to crack – Financiers could rightly be said being very mediocre in their ability to manage other people’s money.

The crisis hit even Europe with the light’s speed and many in the financial universe suddenly had a busy time at the hand-washing bowls.

Many people lost billions of Dollars or Euro overnight – unfortunately many pension savings were re-invested in shares through the bank’s advisers who had the authority to re-invest in what-as-any time provided that the interest rate was high .

And so were many future retirees suddenly stock with only their hair in the mailbox and a balance of zero. All panicked and the individual governments helped the banks with billion-loans at low interest rates.

The bail-out of the euro represents the introduction of socialism on a continental scale - with the British government's cynical endorsement.

The bail-out of the euro represents the introduction of socialism on a continental scale – with the British government’s cynical endorsement.

The EU administration implemented a vacuuming of all member states and without this it would perhaps not have been possible to verify the empty money tanks in several of the EU member states. Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece must either have had an exuberant celebration or as it slowly seeps out between the ribs – The corruption’s parliamentary members who had been unable to know the difference between yours and mine.

The history repeats itself – from financial accidents and depression will many be unemployed. Anyone with a knowledge of the history’s time know that a decline in the standard of living will be followed by a political aftermath, and that is exactly what we are experiencing right now.

Neo Nazis in Greece

Neo Nazis in Greece

Extremists of any kind will always be ready in the wings to conquer what is possible, just as Hitler did in the 30s. It is therefore no coincidence that Greece now is lumbered with neo-Nazis in parliament and it may be feared that this is not an isolated case as long as the economic crisis continues.

Worse, it is of course if we feel that country like Hungary direct breach the EU rules and principles as we have seen it recently, just as it is incomprehensible that the countries that stands outside the Eurozone may continue to enjoy themselves with a lot of special agreements with the EU – it has nothing to do with a community where everyone contributes equally to the work that is necessary in everyone’s interests.

Another danger in this particular time is a very large part of the population in almost all of

Rumania is also a country in various conflicts with the EU

Rumania is also a country in various conflicts with the EU

the world being without interest in politics or at least what politicians make of laws, which terminology they represent and who is walking around with a corrupt dictator in the stomach . The democracy is not only a protection equipment against new attacks from people who walk around with the intoxication’s power, which often turns out to be people with an enclosed hatred that might have developed into psychopathic disorders without the possibility of recovery.

The politicians are ordinary people just like everyone else, but not a kind of “multi-people” who can solve any task in a complex society. The history also tells that only few political leaders have been above the average at the same time.

I am now living in France as a pensioner, but when I think of the many young people unemployed in Europe, I think they deserve a better fate – The menu in Europe is currently a mix of savings plans, growth plans but also protectionism.

Yes, it is difficult to blow with flour melis in the mouth at the same time.



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