The speed has changed us!

The speed has changed us!

ed557a17a7When you can get to London in a few hours but must spend half a day-to-get to an Island , what is so really closest to? Our perception of distance and time have changed.

The last 200 years have shrunk the globe. Today, we are moving not with muscles, but with machines and in a few hours we can change continent, climate and culture.

Once the movement was an integral part of the journey on horseback or on foot, It moved slowly through landscapes and climates until finally arrived.

Today the journey itself just a little annoying transition where we sit with pressed knees and eat plastic food in aircraft cabins while we are waiting to come forward so that the right experience can begin.

The story of speed is also the story of how time was elastic and geography stopped to hang together.

On the steam wings

“As a swallow’s flight through the air,” wrote an English journalist in 1829 on the steam APTOPIX_Italy_EU_Li_528929ylocomotive The Rocket, who in a competition achieved a top speed of no less than 48 km / h.

The 25-year-old inventor Robert Stephenson won 500 pounds, and the following year opened the railway between Liverpool and Manchester.

The wagons were filled with curious passengers who would try the pace on his own body. But there was also nervous voices and experts had to answer whether the eyes, for example, took damage of seeing the countryside danger of place in such a hurry.

Above everything

Time was excited about the future and spoke of “the battle against the distance”. It was about to conquer the land and sky with airplanes and locomotives and thus take power over nature and eliminate obstacles to the new person’s free development.

The new technological breakthroughs was much more than practical movement appliances – they were symbols of a new life where you no longer hung on the family farm or should be the same as his father.

The airman

In propeller Characters that sings World again to rejuvenate. The living they must double phages Earth Color Arve.

Johannes V. Jensen, 1938

Johannes V. Jensen described the heady feeling of the poem airman from the 1938th

– He goes so far as to say that if I fall down, then it will just be alright. As I have lived instead of just getting old down there on the ground, bound to the same place, explains literature professor Anne-Marie Mai.

img4b7d709b72ee7– Johannes V. Jensen has experienced it as a huge liberation that no longer have to walk around in the parish, now was born and raised in, but suddenly able to move out of his immediate world and experiencing foreign places, explains Anne -Marie Mai.

The time change.

Over the past 100 years, the rate increased more and more. And it changes our perception of time, space and distance.

We often think of the time instead of miles, when a distance to be assessed and our experience of geography has been sporadically. We get on a plane in New York and falls down in a foreign country a few hours later without the two places really are connected.
The speed has always been about getting faster and to save time. The interesting thing is how we spend all the accumulated time.

Time is also about waiting.

One can say that our perception of time has become elastic. We no longer live in a clockwise mechanical tick-tock-time when the minutes, hours, days and weeks are of equal length.

The Journey

A kaleidoscopic radio tale of wanderlust, home birds, curiosity and restlessness filled with sailors, pilots, hiking men and charter tourists, who set out to see what lies beyond the horizon.

Animations Today is the time measured in what we achieve in a given period of time – sometimes happens quite a lot and sometimes there waiting time: The minutes while we stare at the computer screen “Please wait” or hours while we let us carry.

– The cabin is a good example, explains historian Dorthe Gert Simonsen, who researches the relationship between speed, time and place.

– Good enough moving airplane incredibly fast, but when sitting inside the plane, you are in a non-time on-line where you just need to kill time.

We fill no care time in the cabin with bad movies on entertainment screen and a few hours to move us from grey mulmet December cold to the Battle of moist tropical heat when you step out of the air-conditioned airport in a foreign country.

Around the world at 5 mph

But there are a few that are not jumping on the pace enthusiasm that steam train ushered in 1829th

Carpenters Rene Lark Christensen and Rasmus Bjorn Frederiksen is navere and have both been on the roller in the prescribed three years and one day.

“It is only when you walk around in it, that you find out how big the world really is.”
Rasmus Bjorn Frederiksen

They set out to become better at their craft and traveled by old traditions that reach back to the Middle Ages: You have to be under 30, childless and debt free when you take off, and traveling on foot.

– When you are traveling at five km / h on foot, so you experience truly what surrounds you. And you are down in a gear that gives you something as a man, explains Rene Lark Christensen.

The world is big foot

Rasmus Bjorn Frederiksen adds:

– I had thought a lot of places I wanted to go, before I went. And I think only one of them came to anything. When you walk around there on the road, you get so many offers that send you in a new direction. Someone says that over there, they build a church and then you pull there and think: Well, it will be next week, I come to Norway.

– It is only when you walk around in it, that you find out how big the world really is.


Kurt Lykke Lindved
TTT – “Things, Take, Time”

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