Islamic State – Four key points in the terror group’s dream of international dominance.

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D Culture and Development - UN Lecturer and Writer Honored Dutch Counsel Former CEO in EAC Entertainer and Event Management

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D
Culture and Development – UN
Lecturer and Writer
Honored Dutch Counsel
Former CEO in EAC
Entertainer and Event Management

Islamic state will triumph over the unbelievers by doomsday. It predicts an Islamic prophecy that extremists aspire to meet.

The war against other religions is central to the terror group’s efforts to impose an extreme interpretation of Islam, which dates back to the Middle Ages.

The terrorist group controls an area the size of Great Britain, which acts as a state. With an extreme interpretation of Islam in the head and arms in hand they will spread the caliphate worldwide. See which elements in the IS ‘struggle for an international caliphate below.


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Islamic State sent a card out on Twitter that shows how much of the world they imagine will be part of the caliphate in five years. The area stretches from Spain over to China and covers the entire Middle East including Israel, and North Africa, Greece, Pakistan and parts of Russia.

The above image, here posted by the user ‘Homsec’, as a twitter profile associated Islamic State put up in summer.

– The legality of all the emirates, groups, states and organizations will be canceled by the expansion of the caliph’s authority and by the arrival of his troops to the area. Listen to your caliph and obey him. Support your state that grows every day, said the spokesman for the Islamic State, Abu Mohamed al-Adnani since Islamic State put the card up in the summer, writes Al Jazeera.

Doomsday isil
Islamic State believes in a 1300 year old Islamic prophecy called Malahim which indicate that the jihadists will win the battle against the unbelievers by the city Dabiq in northern Syria. According doomsday story they will then disseminate the caliphate to the rest of the world.

However, they will not go far – the prophecy indicates that a so-called anti-Messiah will kill jihadists to only 5,000 back. Next, Jesus, an important figure in Islamic Stats ideology, return, turn on the anti-Messiah to death and lead the remaining jihadists to victory.

dynimage.drxml– The last hour will not come until the Romans arrive at al-A’mag or Dabiq. An army consisting of the best soldiers of the world’s population at that time will come from Medina to fight against them, says the Messenger of God, the Prophet, in the Islamic text that refers to the terrorist group, writes the BBC.

‘The Romans’ is another word for Christians. Dabiq is also the name of the Islamic state’s official English-language newspaper.

Religious Cleansing

Central to the Islamic State ideology is the belief that apostate Muslims, called ‘takfir’, shall be punished with death. An apostate may be one that sells alcohol or drugs, yesterday in western clothes, shave his beard or votes in an election. The world’s 150 million to 200 million Shiites are also in the IS ‘shot line

They are regarded as apostates, as they follow practices that are not described in the Koran. Worshippers of other religions can escape death by converting or submit to the caliph and pay a special tax to the caliphate, called the jizya.

The State

Terror Group IS has been known to cut the throats of enemies and keep women as sex slaves. But in the midst of barbarism have emerged some order and a regular state in the stated capital of Raqqa, Syria.

A man grilling meat on the street in Raqqa. The Arabic text on the black banner wrapped around the bell tower means Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, Raqqa province. A man grilling meat on the street in Raqqa. The Arabic text on the black banner wrapped around the bell tower means Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, Raqqa province. (Photo: Stringer © Scanpix)

It is financed by income from oil and gas and has water and electricity. According to the activist group ‘Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently’ sheep IS money by selling cannabis to Turkey, introducing taxes and establishing Internet cafes.

– Today, the Islamic State in fact a functioning state. Movement controls a vast territory. It is not recognized by its neighbors. But it takes responsibility for its territory and its population. And it has an economy to finance themselves, says Loretta Napoleoni, an Italian journalist and author of a recent book on IS


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