Is the chain of democracy skipped by the abuse of freedom.

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D Culture and Development - UN Lecturer and Writer Honored Dutch Counsel Former CEO in EAC Entertainer and Event Management

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D
Culture and Development – UN
Lecturer and Writer
Honored Dutch Counsel
Former CEO in EAC
Entertainer and Event Management

No consensus exists on how to define democracy, but legal equality, political freedom and rule of law have been identified as important characteristics. These principles are reflected in all eligible citizens being equal before the law and having equal access to legislative processes. For example, in a representative democracy, every vote has equal weight, no unreasonable restrictions can apply to anyone seeking to become a representative (according to whom?)and the freedom of its eligible citizens is secured by legitimised rights and liberties which are typically protected by a constitution.

Forms_of_government.svg    Presidential republics2      Semi-presidential republics2
Republics with an executive president dependent on a parliament      Parliamentary republics2
Parliamentary constitutional monarchies      Constitutional monarchies in which the monarch personally exercises power
Absolute monarchies      Single-party states
Countries where constitutional provisions for government have been suspended      Countries which do not fit any of the above sys

Well, it was the dry substance – but take a good, hard look around the planet who today claim that they have full democracy while protecting the population in each country, according to the human rights.

Corruption in the so-called democratic countries have become commonplace way into the politicians’s pockets and religion has become an excuse to kill other people under God’s protective shield.

Lehman-Brothers-collapseDemocratic governance is not the ultimate form or guarantee of humanity, justice or political and religious motives. But many other models are tested without much success.

What should we do? Well, I’m not a prophet, and do not believe in the prophets which has thousands of years behind them as being the world’s saviors. Religion is usually the biggest factor in war and terror and should be either an acceptance of many different faiths, or an internal private matter without churches, synagogues, temples and similar places where priests and other manipulative people can talk the sun black.

Smaller states and societies can be a solution instead of these concrete large blocks, ofinternational-criminal-court which the European Union is on the verge of becoming a federation as the founders dreamed about – “The Conspiracy” still seated behind the scenes and ready to use corruption’s funds in order to complete the objective.

I do not know of any “Happy Ending” – Conflicts and wars have been an every day habit since humans and animals were created on this planet.





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