Gibraltar – Impressions, Bold Animals, Cold War and Fun….!!

gibraltarWith a strategic location at the entrance to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar occupied a place in the European history, which goes beyond what a small rocky peninsula otherwise warrant.

Small and important
Gibraltar’s historical significance goes literally almost back to when modern man occupied Europe. Thus, researchers in a cave on Gibraltar, Gorham’s Cave, found bålspor and fossils, suggesting that Gibraltar was one of the last places Neanderthals held out as modern man, Homo sapiens, took the4679d__77308475_hi023444832 European continent.
Coils one time about 25,000 years until around the year 950 BC, the Phoenicians first peoples as one of writings by, has had sovereignty over Gibraltar. In the subsequent period rule was among other things the Romans over the cliff on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula until the Moors from around 700 sat in power for seven centuries until 1462, when Christian Spaniards conquered the rocky island. In 1704 British forces occupied the peninsula during the Spanish 4-GibSea-472-520x245Succession War, after which the bulk of the island’s 4000 Spanish residents left Gibraltar. In a treaty drawn up by of Utrecht in 1713 recognized the British possession of Gibraltar “in perpetuity”. Peninsula strategically good location meant therefore that the British with a naval station at Gibraltar had secured their status as the dominant naval power with control over the traffic in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Cold War mode to Gibraltar
Gibraltar is still today a thorn in the official Spain that several round since the British conquest has tried unsuccessfully to get Gibraltar back the Spanish flag. In recent times, after Gibraltar has lost its military importance, the British government has also done buckle attempt to create a shared sovereignty over the peninsula, but the residents have voting in both 1967 and 2002 chose to remain British. The official British policy is that it will not change the status of Gibraltar without residents’ consent.
Despite the softening, which means that it is no problem to visit Gibraltar as a tourist, does Spain’s strained relationship with Gibraltar for example, ships which have visited Gibraltar not subsequently140202_port_0 may dock at Spanish ports.
Recent example of the importance of Gibraltar in the relationship between Britain and Spain so that the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary as ruler, where the Spanish Queen chose to be away at the invitation of the Spanish government. A visit to Gibraltar of when the British Prince Edward and his wife Sophie were in Madrid, seen as a blatant provocation.

Tourism in Gibraltar.
The peninsula may have lost its strategic importance to Britain, yet we often say that the inhabitants of Gibraltar is more British than the British. As a tourist attraction Gibraltar has also been of great importance, not least because the status of duty-free area.
But there are also many interesting sights to Gibraltar, such as Gibraltar Museum and the beautiful stalactite cave St. Michaels stalactite cave. In addition, the one from the top of “the rock” sweeping views over the mainland Spain and on to Africa. In Gibraltar, most also get acquainted with the semi-domesticated but cheeky Barbary apes belonging to Europe’s last wild population, and many consider Gibraltar’s main attraction.
You can experience the sights of Gibraltar following the Cultural Tours Europe Travel: Classic Andalusia and our long-term travel in Andalucia of 3 and 4 weeks.
Mixing Culture and the best climate in Europe.
Southern Spain has a reputation for being home to solglade tourists who enjoy lazing on the many fine beaches. Spain today would like to give a little attention to the many other wonderful experiences that the more adventurous traveler can get in the southernmost part of Europe.
Most of the experiences are available to all.
Therefore you get here a number of suggestions as to what you can experience in southern Spain, if you want more than beach life. You can come sherry-trip to lavish buildings and even a trip to Africa – without the right to leave Spain.
Gibraltar Mortgages.
Available for Purchases and remortgages for Home Improvements only.
• Arranged in Sterling only
• Available on an Interest Only or Capital & Interest repayment basis.
• The maximum loan to value for a purchase or re-mortgage is 80%
• The maximum term is 40 years – available two age 80th
• The minimum loan Amount is £ 50,000 up to a maximum of £ 2million
Income multiples are overused two-calculate maximum borrowing capacity. Any eksisterende UK mortgage payments plus monthly payments made two loans with over 6 months left to run are annualised and deducted from gross income before følgende multiples are applied:
Total income after Deductions Multiple applied
Up to £ 50,000 + 3.75: 1 or 2.75 x joint
£ 50,001 – £ 75,000 3.75 + 1 or 2.80 x joint
£ 75001 and above 4 + 1 or 2.90 x joint

Income multiples are øget city 0.5 on repayment mortgages for the 5 year fixed rate.
The Amount som kan borrow också restricted by the maximum loan to value as berørt during Eligibility and kriterier.
Proof of income krav
If you are employed:
• Your last three month’s payslips
• Your latest P60 and / or Employers reference
• Your last six month’s personal bank statements.
gibraltar3If you are self-employed:

• Your last two year’s Audited accounts and tax returns
• Your last six months business bank statements
• Your last six months personal bank statements
• For loans below 500,000 pounds only an accountants certificate is required

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