The euro ‘family’ has shown it is capable of real cruelty.

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D Culture and Development - UN Lecturer and Writer Honored Dutch Counsel Former CEO in EAC Entertainer and Event Management

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D
Culture and Development – UN
Lecturer and Writer
Honored Dutch Counsel
Former CEO in EAC
Entertainer and Event Management

The seemingly indestructible Angela Merkel can go without sleep, and still manage a half smile and speak about Greece’s wish to remain in “the euro family”. This may sound reasonable and pleasant. All families have their little local difficulties, don’t they? But they work through them. People see reason. When they are forced to.

By infantilising Greece, Germany resembles a child who closes its own eyes and thinks we can not see it. We can. The world is watching what is being done to Greece in the name of euro stability.

It sees a nation stripped of its dignity, its sovereignty, its future.

segment_12498_460x345The machinations of financial institutions (the troika) have been exposed as much as the institutions themselves. Who runs these banks, and for whom? Twitter slogans talk of the three world wars: the first waged with guns, the second with tanks and this third world war waged by banks. Extreme? Well, there clearly is more than one way to take over a country.

The eurozone and Gemany want regime change in Greece, or at least to split Syriza. Alexis Tsipras has fought tooth and nail for something resembling the debt restructuring that even the International Monetary Fund acknowledges is needed. The incompetence of a succession of Greek governments and tax evasion within Greece is not in doubt. But the creditors of the euro family knew this as they upped their loans, and must now delude themselves that everything they have done has been for the best. It hasn’t, and now that same family will go in and asset-strip in broad daylight a country that can no longer afford basic medicines. In three days Greece is supposed to push through heaps of legislation on privatisation, tax and pensions so it can be even poorer.

There is to be no debt forgiveness in this family. Tsipras has to sell this to his people so the banks can reopen. His endurance has been remarkable, and more will be needed. The unsustainability of Greek debt, even if the country could achieve growth, remains. The German-chancellor-Angela--009words trust and confidence keep being used but by the wrong people. Trust is gone in this European project. François Hollande, ever the pseudo–mediator, may rattle on about the history and culture of Greece. Its value has actually been shown. Its value is purely symbolic. It is worth nothing.

The euro family has been exposed as a loan-sharking conglomerate that cares nothing for democracy. This family is abusive. This “bailout”, which will be sold as being a cruel-to-be-kind deal is nothing of the sort. It is simply being cruel to be cruel.


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Culture is overrated.

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D Culture and Development - UN Lecturer and Writer Honored Dutch Counsel Former CEO in EAC Entertainer and Event Management

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D
Culture and Development – UN
Lecturer and Writer
Honored Dutch Counsel
Former CEO in EAC
Entertainer and Event Management

Culture is overrated.

How is it possible that we bind Europe together, is still not clear. But the EU must and can do without imitations of the national state symbols.

‘Culture’ refers to a source, an origin, an identity that makes us ‘beside ourselves’ because we can not plan, design, change, influence or take responsibility for it. ‘Culture’ appears not only formless, shapeless but also – almost like a piece of real estate that gives us a shelter, a house and a home, but also binds us to a certain place, to the status quo.

The word ‘culture’ is as overstated and abused in Europe, the concepts of ‘nation’ and ‘homeland’ is elsewhere. The people who get confused about the political process are looking for an escape route in the culture. Those who do not want Turkey two be part of the EU are resorting to the culture. Those who want to mark a distance between Europe and America or opposed to celebrate friendship across the Atlantic, talking about culture. The term is so loose in the edge that it can not justify anything.

Girls, with faces covered to protect themselves from sun stroke, walk along a road on a hot summer day in Allahabad, India, May 29, 2015. REUTERS/Jitendra Prakash

Girls, with faces covered to protect themselves from sun stroke, walk along a road on a hot summer day in Allahabad, India, May 29, 2015. REUTERS/Jitendra Prakash

There are other concepts of the same lack of precision. But the problem with ‘culture’ is that it implies an assumed political certainty that restrict political freedom. This assurance is a figment, the decision of culture content is political and must be political – which today is democratically. The term ‘culture’ is attractive because it apparently refers to something basic and unchanging. It slows down any discussion. What is being described as ‘cultural’, seems to grow organically and is deeply rooted in us, even if we do not have conscious access to it.

Europe’s creative freedom.

The EU was the exact opposite. It rooted house was challenged by the fluid movement of the economy. The economy detaches us from our place of origin, redefining the limits, it is indifferent and forgetful. The economy was the first step of a Europe that could not beSchedel_weltkarte reconciled cultural: In 1950, just after Auschwitz, there could be no forgiveness or friendship. In this sense, it is considered wise to take that step away from the feudal loyalty and towards a flurry of activity to delete history.

It puts Jean Monnet’s famous words that European integration should be started with a cultural union in perspective. But towards the end of the last century, if not before, the market had exhausted its integration potential. It satisfies no longer the increased legitimization needs.

In order to secure an identity as ‘household’ resort to ‘culture’ as a last resort, this may not be used. Culture can not clarify when Europe was temporally or where Europe ends geographically. The idea of ​​a special Christian and Western identity is diffuse and is based on a notion of uniformity that neither know in Christianity or in the West.

To tie Europe together, is still not clear. The debates on banning burqas or minarets are cropped-img_07235not essentially different from similar debates in New York, and these ideas leads precisely to the conflicts and divisions, when used in practice. Culture in itself offers no clue as to what belongs to Europe, and what does not belong. It does not mean that these characters are not found. But you will not find them in the culture, the culture contains no arguments, but only the assertion of identity. Arguments in a relationship in political life, where we also find debates, interests, projects, strategies, goals, democratic decision-making and opportunities. It is here and not on a cultural level, that Europe’s creative freedom is preserved.

Expert dominion and community.

Policy does not create coherence in the sense that we get goose bumps when we hear the European Union’s anthem and see the European flag to the top. These kinds of symbolic politics – like the idea of ​​creating a kind of constitutional patriotism through charters of fundamental rights and citizenship – failed.

kulturforskelle kk
These actions belong to the wrong category, for European integration and should be able to cope without the nation state heraldic HUD. Perhaps it is rather the exercise of political power in the technocracy’s and the objectivity of the mode with the expert as a central figure that creates community. The by-mythologises nation, defuses policy and disarms culture. Thus it loses its political tend to inflated muscles and violence. Democracy has indeed always had a tense relationship with experts, and therefore satisfies a political management that appear rational and without alternatives.

The tension between the secret of what creates a deep political community, and the s49kkliorational management of Europe is apparently something we have to live with and learn to balance. But it is a political act and not a cultural matter. It is political, that Europe must find an image of itself to take advantage of the turmoil in the culture.


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Freedom does not create democracy.

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D Culture and Development - UN Lecturer and Writer Honored Dutch Counsel Former CEO in EAC Entertainer and Event Management

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D
Culture and Development – UN
Lecturer and Writer
Honored Dutch Counsel
Former CEO in EAC
Entertainer and Event Management

There is no reason to believe that democracy will 7446_1434548814835take hold, where the Middle East’s dictators fell.

Should democracy take root, it requires a democratic soul of the people and the values ​​of equality and the separation between politics and religion. Christianity sowed the thoughts of Europeans. Islam on the other hand does not contain the necessary virtues

We tend to think that freedom of the absence of tyranny by itself leads to democracy. As long as the tyrant is removed, democracy will grow by itself.

The political leadership in the United States harbored a simple belief in this context, since it helped to topple Saddam Hussein and remove his supporters from power. But the case turned out not to be so simple. And what should we make of the ongoing turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East? Are we to believe that when tyrants is on the field, the political space will be filled by a democratic order?

When we think about the issues, we headed immediately into a wrong track, because we tend to regard freedom as the highest political value, and because we believe that there is a clear relationship between freedom and democracy. But this is not the concepts together.

20110422-184349-374681_0There is no clear connection between political freedom and democracy. If society does freedom of the individual’s freedom to decide for themselves at the highest political value, it ends up not being able to make a judgment about what values ​​the individual should have. And so ends the society not to have any higher value than the individual himself appears.

A society in the position eroded any political legitimacy. It can not be binding way justify a common political order. Therefore it is contradictory for a political order to make freedom the absence of any oppression to the highest political value a political value that trumps all other political values. This is also a secular democratic order as ours. It can not be stable if it makes freedom to the highest political value, as it undermines the foundation on which it stands.

Rationality is the core.

The next question then is: If it is not rational to put freedom as the highest political value, which value society so set higher than freedom? What value is it rational for society and for the individual to set as the highest? When the question is asked so, the answer is already given. It is rationality, which must be the highest value in that it at least has to be the ultimate measure of what is the highest value.

FRANCE-ATTACKS-CHARLIE-HEBDO-POLICEWhen we put rationality as the highest value, we can not simply assume that freedom absence of tyranny leads to the rational ideal form of society. So we must instead begin by asking how we, as rational people should organize our common society.

To answer this question we must go back to ethics to the question of how we all should act as a result of that we are people who are able to act with responsibility. In principle we can justify a rational ethical basic principle which says that we as a people should act in consistency with that each of us can live like people.

From this principle we can deduce some consequences in terms of how we should organize our common society. First, we conclude that no one has a special right to take political decisions, and therefore should be fundamentally political equality thus a form of democracy.

Secondly, we can conclude that there should be laws ensuring that all members of society including the vulnerable can live as people are free to form their own political and religious opinion, and having the knowledge prerequisites for To exploit this freedom.

Thus we see that when we put rationality as the highest value, we get the secular democratic order as our political ideal. There is a straightforward connection from the first to the second.

The same applies the other hand, not if we put freedom as the highest value. Therefore we

Most people know this man who was the main person behind the tragedy in New York - in the shadow of a fanatical religion - but a political and hateful message to the world.

Most people know this man who was the main person behind the tragedy in New York – in the shadow of a fanatical religion – but a political and hateful message to the world.

only understand our secular democratic societies form correctly, if we understand it as an attempt to organize society rationally. We misunderstand it if we think that it is first and foremost an attempt to organize society freely.

The legacy of Jesus.

Do we understand so much, we also understand that a secular democratic society does not arise simply because it overturns a tyrannical ruler. It occurs not only as a natural consequence of freedom of citizens. This requires that citizens feel bound by the basic rational ideas of mutual political equality and the secularization of the political. Before the rational democratic order can stand on its own feet, these ideas have taken root in the general population heads.

But people are not necessarily so rational that it happens by itself only in the absence of external oppression. There should be a learning process before people are rational ideas into the heads; and it is only the experience so history can teach us how difficult it is.

MIDEAST_ISRAEL_PALE_744713yWhen we look at history, we can see that it is first and foremost in the European culture, that from its own resources has been able to build fairly well-functioning secular democratic society. Since there is reason to believe that the Europeans themselves are more rational than others, so it is likely that the ideas that they prejudged the minds thus their religion made a difference. And when we analyze the core of the Europeans ‘religion of Christianity narrative of Jesus’ life and preaching, we discover that it just contains the ideas of personal equality and the separation between politics and religion.

Thus we have a very simple explanation of why the European countries were able to build a secular democratic social order. They have had a religion, which has helped them _83897102_60836083-bec6-4cd5-aab7-b0a427ff2853because it simply placed the ideas that are prerequisite for a secular democratic order can function in the general population heads.

Islam is undemocratic.

At this point, we can identify two crucial points. Firstly, that the secular democratic order is a rational ideal, and that it does not happen by itself, simply because tyranny removed. Secondly, when this ideal has taken root in the countries that are rooted in European culture, it is because one there had a religion which supported rationality.

It is in this context that we must assess the political situation in the Middle East and North Africa when tyrants overthrown. Here Islam stands in the place where European countries have Christianity. And Islam has a message that is radically different from Christianity.

In Islam’s core is no impulse to separate religion and politics. On the contrary, Islam imagesjuiopcomes even with a system of law which will apply to society. And in this system of law is made additionally difference between Muslims and non-Muslims. While Christianity in its core content supports an evolution towards a secular democratic social order, as Islam stands as an obstacle to such a development.

The difference we need to when we assess the political situation in North Africa and the Middle East. We do not know what will happen, but we know that they have a religion that makes it harder for them to build a secular democratic social order. They must not only overthrow tyrants. They must also overcome their own religion demands to determine the laws of society. Everything suggests that the game is very difficult.

Girls, with faces covered to protect themselves from sun stroke, walk along a road on a hot summer day in Allahabad, India, May 29, 2015. REUTERS/Jitendra Prakash

Girls, with faces covered to protect themselves from sun stroke, walk along a road on a hot summer day in Allahabad, India, May

The many Western observers, who now see democracy grow in the Middle East and North Africa, are blind to this difficulty. They do not understand how hard it is to build a functioning democratic order. That it requires a measure of rationality that people might find it difficult to comply with and which we in Europe might only have been able to meet because we were helped by our religion. Whether we otherwise have the necessary rationality, only time will tell and we must not be too sure.



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Gibraltar – Impressions, Bold Animals, Cold War and Fun….!!

gibraltarWith a strategic location at the entrance to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar occupied a place in the European history, which goes beyond what a small rocky peninsula otherwise warrant.

Small and important
Gibraltar’s historical significance goes literally almost back to when modern man occupied Europe. Thus, researchers in a cave on Gibraltar, Gorham’s Cave, found bålspor and fossils, suggesting that Gibraltar was one of the last places Neanderthals held out as modern man, Homo sapiens, took the4679d__77308475_hi023444832 European continent.
Coils one time about 25,000 years until around the year 950 BC, the Phoenicians first peoples as one of writings by, has had sovereignty over Gibraltar. In the subsequent period rule was among other things the Romans over the cliff on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula until the Moors from around 700 sat in power for seven centuries until 1462, when Christian Spaniards conquered the rocky island. In 1704 British forces occupied the peninsula during the Spanish 4-GibSea-472-520x245Succession War, after which the bulk of the island’s 4000 Spanish residents left Gibraltar. In a treaty drawn up by of Utrecht in 1713 recognized the British possession of Gibraltar “in perpetuity”. Peninsula strategically good location meant therefore that the British with a naval station at Gibraltar had secured their status as the dominant naval power with control over the traffic in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Cold War mode to Gibraltar
Gibraltar is still today a thorn in the official Spain that several round since the British conquest has tried unsuccessfully to get Gibraltar back the Spanish flag. In recent times, after Gibraltar has lost its military importance, the British government has also done buckle attempt to create a shared sovereignty over the peninsula, but the residents have voting in both 1967 and 2002 chose to remain British. The official British policy is that it will not change the status of Gibraltar without residents’ consent.
Despite the softening, which means that it is no problem to visit Gibraltar as a tourist, does Spain’s strained relationship with Gibraltar for example, ships which have visited Gibraltar not subsequently140202_port_0 may dock at Spanish ports.
Recent example of the importance of Gibraltar in the relationship between Britain and Spain so that the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary as ruler, where the Spanish Queen chose to be away at the invitation of the Spanish government. A visit to Gibraltar of when the British Prince Edward and his wife Sophie were in Madrid, seen as a blatant provocation.

Tourism in Gibraltar.
The peninsula may have lost its strategic importance to Britain, yet we often say that the inhabitants of Gibraltar is more British than the British. As a tourist attraction Gibraltar has also been of great importance, not least because the status of duty-free area.
But there are also many interesting sights to Gibraltar, such as Gibraltar Museum and the beautiful stalactite cave St. Michaels stalactite cave. In addition, the one from the top of “the rock” sweeping views over the mainland Spain and on to Africa. In Gibraltar, most also get acquainted with the semi-domesticated but cheeky Barbary apes belonging to Europe’s last wild population, and many consider Gibraltar’s main attraction.
You can experience the sights of Gibraltar following the Cultural Tours Europe Travel: Classic Andalusia and our long-term travel in Andalucia of 3 and 4 weeks.
Mixing Culture and the best climate in Europe.
Southern Spain has a reputation for being home to solglade tourists who enjoy lazing on the many fine beaches. Spain today would like to give a little attention to the many other wonderful experiences that the more adventurous traveler can get in the southernmost part of Europe.
Most of the experiences are available to all.
Therefore you get here a number of suggestions as to what you can experience in southern Spain, if you want more than beach life. You can come sherry-trip to lavish buildings and even a trip to Africa – without the right to leave Spain.
Gibraltar Mortgages.
Available for Purchases and remortgages for Home Improvements only.
• Arranged in Sterling only
• Available on an Interest Only or Capital & Interest repayment basis.
• The maximum loan to value for a purchase or re-mortgage is 80%
• The maximum term is 40 years – available two age 80th
• The minimum loan Amount is £ 50,000 up to a maximum of £ 2million
Income multiples are overused two-calculate maximum borrowing capacity. Any eksisterende UK mortgage payments plus monthly payments made two loans with over 6 months left to run are annualised and deducted from gross income before følgende multiples are applied:
Total income after Deductions Multiple applied
Up to £ 50,000 + 3.75: 1 or 2.75 x joint
£ 50,001 – £ 75,000 3.75 + 1 or 2.80 x joint
£ 75001 and above 4 + 1 or 2.90 x joint

Income multiples are øget city 0.5 on repayment mortgages for the 5 year fixed rate.
The Amount som kan borrow också restricted by the maximum loan to value as berørt during Eligibility and kriterier.
Proof of income krav
If you are employed:
• Your last three month’s payslips
• Your latest P60 and / or Employers reference
• Your last six month’s personal bank statements.
gibraltar3If you are self-employed:

• Your last two year’s Audited accounts and tax returns
• Your last six months business bank statements
• Your last six months personal bank statements
• For loans below 500,000 pounds only an accountants certificate is required

img4b7d709b72ee7Kurt Lykke indved



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Greek politicians in democracy’s uniforms – The century’s greatest scandal.

EU correspondent in Athens: I have never experienced anything like this …….!!!!!


Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D Culture and Development - UN Lecturer and Writer Honored Dutch Counsel Former CEO in EAC Entertainer and Event Management

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D
Culture and Development – UN
Lecturer and Writer
Honorey Dutch Counsel
Former CEO in EAC Shipping Division (25 years)
Strategic adviser in conflicts and wars.

So much for the Greeks repay a loan before midnight today. The money will be handed over to the International Monetary Fund, IMF. But the country is not going to pay the installments. It announced the Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis last night.

A bad sign, says the EU correspondent Ole Ryborg from Athens.

– It’s never happened before that a Western country has been unable to pay their mortgage payments to the IMF. It happens to countries such as Zambia and not countries we regard as modern Western economies. So it is an incredibly bad signal, says Ole Ryborg.

Major difficulties in sight.

What you look at now, according Ryborg is how credit rating agencies are responding to the non-payment. So far the announcement, however, that national bankruptcy is not within the immediate vicinity.

_83893547_cd752d3a-ed7d-4548-889e-83029ff9e9e1– Credit rating agencies have said that they do not believe that you are bankrupt, if you do not pay to the International Monetary Fund. It is only if you do not pay the private debt – that is, those who have bought Greek government bonds, typically banks and pension funds, but also private, he says.

If Greece goes bankrupt, the European Central Bank have to unplug and stop supplying the Greek banks, and it would be disastrous for the country.
– If they pull it completely – Greece is in deep trouble, says Ole Ryborg.

2181fe66-2d71-4965-8720-68b8aa9f5db7-bestSizeAvailableOn Sunday, the Greek people must vote for a referendum. Officially they vote on whether Greece should accept the country’s creditors latest compromise proposal, and the clear recommendation from the country’s government is putting its ticked no.

But since the referendum falls five days after the offer expires, assesses the creditors saying that the Greeks actually have to vote on whether the country should be part of the euro zone and not a member.

The announcement from the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker is clear: Votes In yes, we will help you. Votes In no, it’s a no to Europe.

It really is a very strange situation. I have never experienced anything like it as well. And6b5f31a1-5319-4066-99ba-a3be9a7c6a89-2060x1236 it’s really hard to see how to move forward.

– But everyone’s instinct is that there must be a solution. You can not just let Greece and 10 million Greeks fall outside any system.

European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, has sent an angry broadside against the Greek government.

The government in Athens, says Juncker, do not tell the Greeks the truth about the proposals made by the Commission to try to help Greece out of its deep debt problems.

_83938179_be505fca-0f4c-4830-886e-9021b79d7fecI do not care about the Greek government. I worry about the people of Greece, Juncker said at a press conference in Brussels.

– The debate in and outside of Greece would be easier if the Greek government would tell exactly what the Commission actually proposes. I blame the government for letting the Greek public know something, that is not consistent with what is told and recorded on video for the Greek Prime Minister.
The EU Commission sharpens the tone against Greece and has now for the first time   decided to publish details of the compromise proposal to resolve the Greek debt crisis.

– We have already reduced the aims considerably. There has been quite large concessions and showed considerable flexibility, spokesman for the commission Annika Breidthardt. The goal is for Greece this year to achieve a primary budget surplus of one percent of gross domestic product in 2018, the goal is 3.5 percent. It is reduced from 4.5 percent at the same time, there are two years period –  she says.

Last night struck another attempt to solve the Greek debt crisis error. The Greek delegation left the talks in Brussels after just 45 minutes.

Greece’s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, holding, according to several media firm in his plan to travel to Moscow later this week despite the tense situation.???_83620862_94059d9f-00d7-4e04-9dbf-3f3f653ce58e

Tsipras says to a Greek newspaper, the need for significant concessions by Greece’s creditors, and Greece will wait patiently. Nothing indicates that the Greek government will come up with a new proposal to solve the debt crisis.

French President Francois Hollande, transmitter according to the news agency dpa a sharp warning to Greece not to waste time.

– Take care now. There is no time to lose, we must look urgently to resume negotiations, says Hollande.

At the same time said Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, according to AFP, that he sees a real risk that Greece may leave the euro.

Also from Germany comes a sharp warning from spokesman Martin Jaeger of Finance.

4168040efb594e7b8553d8a63e72e0cd_20140703170408310– The ball is in Greece’s court. It is solely up to the Greek side to answer the institutions’ generous offer, says the spokesman told by AFP.

11539655_10207188666574731_7063216116609108619_n klllloooovvvvnKurt Lykke Lindved
France / Spain

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“If you owe the bank $100 million that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem.”

img4b7d709b72ee7“If you owe the bank $100 million that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem.”

Eurozone finance ministers have rejected a Greek request to extend a bailout programme beyond 30 June.

A Eurogroup statement said Greece had broken off negotiations over a new bailout deal “unilaterally”.

Late on Friday, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras called a surprise referendum for 5 July over the terms of any new deal.

Greece has to pay €1.6bn (£1.1bn) to the IMF on Tuesday. Without new funds, there are 6b5f31a1-5319-4066-99ba-a3be9a7c6a89-2060x1236fears Greece may leave the euro and its economy may collapse.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin stressed after the Eurogroup talks that all of its members wanted Greece to remain in the eurozone.

“This is not a Greek exit from the euro zone,” he told reporters. “The 18 countries, apart from Greece, all said clearly that Greece was in the euro and should remain in the euro whatever the difficulties of the moment.”

Crisis talks: As they happened

Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem said finance ministers would reconvene to discuss the consequences of the latest developments, and “prepare for what’s needed to ensure the Jeroen Dijsselbloemstability of eurozone remains at its high level”.

It would be up to the European Central Bank (ECB) to decide whether to continue providing emergency liquidity funding to the Greek banking system, he added.

The ECB said it was “closely monitoring developments” and would hold a meeting in due course to discuss the situation.

It’s never over till it’s over. But it feels like the end is perilously close. The breakdown in talks between Greece and its creditors has to be seen as a failure.

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. It is also a massive gamble on all sides, and a possible turning point in the history of the eurozone. There will still be those working feverishly behind the scenes for compromise, but in effect neither side has blinked yet.


When the Greek government thought it had made substantial concessions at the beginning of the week, the creditors said it simply wasn’t enough. And while no-one can say for certain that Greece will leave the eurozone, this is already uncharted territory.

Much will depend on the outcome of the referendum called by PM Alexis Tsipras, if it takes place on schedule. And much will also depend on the European Central Bank – and whether it believes it can still allow funds to flow, to prevent banks in Greece from collapsing.

ECB faces huge decision

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said the Eurogroup’s refusal to extend the bailout could permanently damage the credibility of the group.

He said that what had been proposed to Greece “did not contain any plan for giving, instilling hope in investors, both Greek and non-Greek, in consumers, in depositors”.

But Mr Varoufakis said Greece would still try to secure a bailout deal that could then be _83893547_cd752d3a-ed7d-4548-889e-83029ff9e9e1put to the Greek people in a referendum.

“In these crucial moments, the Greek government is fighting for there to be a last minute deal by Tuesday,” he said.

Out of media player. Press enter to return or tab to continue.
Media caption “We heard some rumours that the banks will not be giving any money from Monday”

Throughout the ups and downs of the recent negotiations, Greeks have by and large resisted the urge to withdraw money from their accounts, pinning their hopes on a last minute deal with the country’s creditors.

But as the deadline for Greece’s €1.6bn payment to the IMF looms, and with Mr Tsipras calling for a referendum next week, lines have begun to form outside ATMs and bank branches in Athens.

Some customers (U.S. GI’s) were given a ticket number and told to come back in a few hours. One man told me he was 170th in line. “The game is over,” said Peter, one of those queuing. “Greece is going into uncharted waters, and the banks will be closed on Monday, I suspect.”

Anxiety is mounting in Athens. “Everybody’s really scared,” Elena, a woman in her 20s, tells me as she waits to withdraw cash. “We need to have enough money to last the week.”

Mr Varoufakis said his government had asked for an extension of “a few days, a couple of 24greece1-superJumbo-v2weeks”, whereas Mr Dijsselbloem said an extension of one month had been requested.

“How does the Greek government think that it will survive and deal with its problems in that period? I do not know,” he said.

In Greece, queues have formed outside banks amid concerns that the Greek central bank might start restricting withdrawals.

Deputy Prime Minister Yanis Dragasakis tweeted that the government would continue working closely with the ECB and Bank of Greece “for the stability of the country’s banking system”.

Greece owes roughly €340bn, mostly to its eurozone partners. Because it can no longer borrow from the international money markets, it is dependent on the eurozone and IMF to keep its banks functioning.

2181fe66-2d71-4965-8720-68b8aa9f5db7-bestSizeAvailableEurozone finance ministers continued talks without Greece on Saturday’
Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis says a deal may yet be reached before Tuesday.

“A graffito in Athens reads “Mrs Merkel we still love you”

….Well, politik baseret paa emotionel feelings from the left to the right are usually connected to other hidden values. I do remember another version from Greece – “Merkel GO HOME” !

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America’s arrogance and lack of common discernment!

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D Culture and Development - UN Lecturer and Writer Honored Dutch Counsel Former CEO in EAC Entertainer and Event Management

Kurt Lykke Lindved Ph.D
Culture and Development – UN
Lecturer and Writer
Honored Dutch Counsel
Former CEO in EAC
Entertainer and Event Management

While it is two years ago that the former NSA employee Edward Snowden began to leak internal, top-secret documents about American spies monitoring of Internet users continues the US intelligence services still new revelations in between.

SIM card manufacturer admits: NSA broke into their secret archives.

This time it is the medium The Intercept, which may reveal Snowden documents from the NSA and the British spy service GCHQ, which shows that the two spy services have tried to turn on several antivirus programs to better exploit them for espionage purposes.

According to the documents, efforts have been directed at several different companies’ software, but Russian Kaspersky are among those most often mentioned by name.
Also mails and malware

_83822255_83822254The attack against antivirus and other security software is because these types of software typically have access to do more on the computer than other types of software. It also makes them more attractive as a target, if you will penetrate and eavesdrop on people or steal their data.

The Intercept also describes that spy services have intercepted e-mails sent to antivirus companies to get their hands on new viruses and malware that can be used for monitoring purposes. A number of other antivirus companies also mentioned in documents such as Avast, F-Secure and Bitdefender, but it is uncertain whether these also have been tampered with

snowden-100340464-origNew Snowden documents reveal NSA headaches.

Snowden’s revelations have preliminary preferably meant increased attention to monitoring – but it is still quite unclear to what extent the NSA and GCHQ has continued the extensive surveillance programs after Snowden’s leak.

CSC witness watched.

Yesterday, it also emerged that the journalist and IT expert Jacob Appelbaum, who also has been one of the strong voices in the debate about the NSA monitoring, from 2010, reviewed its mail by the US authorities.

Europol chief: Encryption makes life difficult for us.banner_military

Appelbaum, among other things, worked with the leak site WikiLeaks and anonymity browser Tor, one of the witnesses in the case against the hacker sentenced Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, who last week was sentenced in the High Court to have hacked a number of Danish registers at CSC in 2012.

It was Appelbaums mail from Google’s Gmail service, which was handed over to US authorities, which also banned Google to tell Appelbaum about it.

The direct text and reading between the lines suggests in a greatly reduced superpower exclusively focused on their use of electronics without having a really effective military and intelligence services.

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